6 Simple Ways to Make the Best Drawing

To create something as beautiful as art that inspires people needs talent and years of practice. Nothing is achieved overnight, and the same thing goes for artists and designers. But one always starts from the beginning, setting the foundation right and learning the right tricks and tips. The initial steps can be shaky, but with persistent efforts, one can really improve his talents and go on to become a great artist. Drawing tablets and graphics monitors are a boon of the technological world and have transformed how young artists create pieces of art. These devices have numerous advantageous in the world of designing, and it has the ability to create extraordinary works of art. For a young artist, getting oneself familiarized with a digital drawing tool can be a bit difficult at first, but once he gets his way around it, imaginations run wild and the result is simply stunning.

Here are some simple ways for young artists to create the best drawing on graphics tablet or monitor.

  1. Know your tools: The first and foremost thing to know before you start drawing the actual tool itself. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the drawing tablet and the stylus pen. Understand the way it works and how it can be adjusted to meet your drawing requirements. This will help you to take on a smoother drawing course.
  2. Have fun when you start: You can start working on your drawing tool with some basic doodles or sketches that is easy for you to begin with. Make doodles and sketches as many as you want to get your working with the tool in sync. This way you can get your lines, or circles or other basic shapes right.
  3. Start with outlines: The next step you can do is to start working on the outlines of images you wish to draw. Beginning with a rough sketch of outlines is always good because can picture how you want the elements of your art shaped. If you are drawing a tower, you would want to get the cylindrical outline correct to build up your picture.
  4. Get on with shading: Shading is quite important as so many aspects your picture would be opaque, and you would want it to get it done properly. Understanding your stylus pen and its pressure points can be to your advantage at this point. Adjusting the pressure on the pen will get you the desired effects.
  5. Add colors: A touch of color where you find it necessary can brighten up the image and bring to life. Adding colors to your objects is fairly easy when you work with your drawing tablets or graphics monitors. 
  6. Bring in the shadows: Make your objects look a part of the whole picture by adding in some shadows. Darkening the corners, drawing the shadows away from the light and making the portions lighter where light hits can actually do the trick and will instantaneously add another dimension to your work. 

Following these simple steps will help you make artworks that is nothing short of a masterpiece. These techniques combined with your creativity will ensure that you will always have the best drawing.


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