Sports Illustration and Digital Art

An artist has one or many areas of interest where he finds comfort in drawing or specializes in. The area of interest may differ from one artist to another but it is necessary that he has some area in which he can focus his skills or just have fun working on a particular subject. For many artists, one such area is sports illustration. These include designs related to the field of sports and for an illustrator, the ideas can take different forms such as characters, emotions, teams etc. And what better tool to express your love for sports and drawing other than a graphics tablet.

A graphics tablet provides a medium for the artist to express his creativity in the most efficient and effective manner. If you are someone who loves making illustrations especially sports illustrations then working on a graphics tablet can be the best practice for you. This means that you have endless options to explore not just your talent but your area of interest. A graphics tablet will provide you with the flexibility of working which means that you produce stunning designs every time you get to work.

Being a sports illustrator it is absolutely necessary that you have a certain level of interest and liking towards sports. Because that way you can better understand the world of sports. A sports illustrator is someone who can record what's happening in a sports arena such as the performance of an athlete, his actions/ emotions, the speed or the event. You would also require a keen eye and attention to details if you dream of becoming a big sports illustrator. Sometimes capturing the subtle emotions and movements is what makes the biggest difference in you being an illustrator. There are a lot of artists out there who does sports illustration. What makes you stand out in the crowd is not just your work but the way you present it. Since different sports items have different characteristics, the subject of your drawing may also exhibit the same. The actions and emotions of the athlete and the gadgets also have different characteristics when it comes to sports of different categories. One should be observant enough to find that one moment that he can translate into digital art. The more you dive into the field of sports the more versatile your drawing becomes.

If you are someone who is relatively new into the field of sports illustration, then one thing you must do is learn how other sports illustrators work. Analyzing their illustrations will give you insight into how sports illustrations are made. As a beginner, it would be also a good opportunity to learn the techniques used by different illustrators and find out the technique that works for you.

There are a lot of illustrators who have made their mark in the field of sports illustration and one such person is Chris Rathbone ( He is a freelance sports illustrator who has a background in Graphic Design and Art Direction. What makes his sports designs stunning is the fact that he has immense in capturing emotion, speed, and energy into his drawings. His designs include an array of teams, players, drivers, and covered Formula 1, Formula E, Sky Sports, RedBull and the Goodwood Festival of Speed. As an illustrator, he also experiments with colors to enhance the visual impact of his works.

Here are some of his works:

With the right tool, you can never go wrong in what you set out to do. If being a sports illustrator is your dream, then own yourself a graphics tablet that can brilliantly portray your skills and take you to places.

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