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  • Cordless and Battery-free Digital pen, not requiring charging or batteries.
  • 2048 Level Pressure. The pen has a high sensitivity and identification rate, suitable for writing, drawing and other counts.
  • Plus or Minus 45 degrees Pen Tilt Angle, left-hand friendly, No matter left hand or right hand people both can use the Pen very easily.
  • Compatible with the Parblo Graphic Monitor Coast22.
  • Ergonomic Design, comfortably used as a mouse.


Type: Cordless & Battery-free Pen
Press Keys: Upper Key(Mouse Right-Key Function)
Pen Tip: Switch Freely
Weight: 10g
PenTilt Angle: Plus or minus 45 degrees
Pressure Sensitivity: 2048 Level

How to replace the pen nibs?

  1. Use the removal tool to pull the old tip straight out the pen.
  2. Insert a new pen tip into the stylus and push the tip until it stops.

  NOTE: Nibs replacement tool and spare tips are included, when the pen tip gets too short or sharp edge, you can replace it with the spare tips.

Package Contains:

  • 1x Parblo Coast22 Battery-free Digital Drawing Pen

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