Ninos N4/N7/N7B Drawing Tablet

Size: N4
Color: Blue
Sale price$25.99 USD


Parblo Ninos N series tablets are designed for the beginners of the young people's painting. It adopts the wireless Battery-Free Electromagnetic Resonance Pen Technology, supports the ± 60 ° pen tilt function (Note: Ninos N4 Doesn't support tilt function). It supports not only Windows/ macOS but also supports Android and Chrome OS.

Ninos N series tablets have 2 sizes and 3 models: Each size provides two colors for you to choose: Black and Blue.
Ninos N4: 4 x 3 inches (Without customizable express keys on both the tablet and P09 pen)
Ninos N7: 7 x 4.37 inches (Without customizable express keys on both the tablet and P09 pen)
Ninos N7B: 7 x 4.37 inches (with 4 customizable express keys on the tablet and 2 express keys on the P08 pen)


1. Support Windows/ macOS/ Android/ Chrome
2. 8192 Levels Battery-Free Pen
3. Pen Tilt: Support ± 60 ° tilt range (N4 without)
4. USB-C interface, Also Support double headed type-C connection
5. Report Rate: 266PPS
6. Super thinner and small size:
    N4: 6.8mm thick, 4 x 3 inchs
    N7/N7B: 7.5mm thick, 7 x 4.37 inches
7. N4/N7 without express key more convenient for beginner to learn drawing
    N7B with 4pcs express keys on the tablet
8. Compatible with most of the drawing software such as Photoshop, SAI, Painter, Illustrator, Clip Studio, Krita, etc. and support palying OSU game.


Model: Ninos N4/N7/N7B
Pen Technology: Battery-Free Electromagnetic Resonance
Workspace: 4*3 inches/101.6*76.2mm (N4)
                  7x4.37inch/177.5*111mm (N7/N7B)
Sensing Height: 10mm
Resolution: 5080LPI
Report Rate: 266RPS
Pen Tilt: Support ± 60 ° tilt range (N4 Without)
Pressure Sensitivity: 8192 Levels
Accuracy: ±0.25 mm
Interface: USB-C
Power Supply: USB 5V
Express Keys: 0 keys
OS Compatibility: Windows 8 or later
MacOS 10.12 or later
Android 6.0 or later
Chrome OS 88 or later
Exchange Mode:
1. When connected with Android phone, adjust the “mode button” to show “Green Color”.
2. When connected with Chromebook, adjust the “mode button” to show the “black color”.
Pen Model: P09(N4/N7) / P08(N7B)
Pen buttons: 0 buttons
Certificates: CE, FCC, RoHS, KC
Dimensions: 172x117x6.8mm (N4)
                    248x150x7.5mm (N7/N7B)
Package Size: 181x126x35mm (N4)
                      257x159x35mm (N7/N7B)
Weight: 135g(N4)
Operating temperature / humidity: 0-65 Celsius degree/20-80%
Storage temperature / humidity: -10-80 Celsius degree/ 10-90%
Color: Black/ Blue

Packing list

1x Ninos N4/N7/N7B Pen Tablet
1x P09(N4/N7) / P08(N7B) Battery-Free Pen
1x USB-C Cable
6x Pen Nib
1x Pen Nib Clip
1x OTG to Micro Adapter
1x OTG to Type-c Adapter
1x ManualText

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