10 Popular Branding and Design featuring Animals

When it comes to branding the key goal is to sell goods and gain customers. Businesses use many techniques for this purpose. Even though how trivial a thing is it has the ability to build brand identity and have the potential to market goods and services. This is why companies give a great deal of attention to branding and image building. When one thinks of a company probably the first thing that pops their mind is their logo. Logos are an important part of branding and they have the ability to register in our minds and be associated with the products they sell. That is the power of branding.

Companies aim to build a relationship with their customers through logos and other branding techniques. For this reason, many companies have preferred and many companies prefer to include animal imagery in their logo and designs. People across the globe hold a certain level of affinity towards animals. Marketers take advantage of this likeliness by incorporating animal images into their brand to boost up their sales. Be it domestic or wild, animals now take the spot in being the logos of many companies.

Let us explore companies that feature animal symbol in their logos or designs.

  1. Lacoste: This clothing brand from France features a crocodile as its logo. One can say that the brand is famous for its logo. From being a sports brand to the producer of many fashion items, Lacoste has evolved since its early stages. As the brand grew people began to recognize the brand just from its logo. Now, when you think about Lacoste, you can't help but think about the crocodile logo.
  2. Red Bull: An energy drink brand that has two bulls in its logo. The logo includes two bulls opposite to each other butting their heads on the backdrop of a golden yellow spot. Bull is used as a symbol of power and spirit.
    Red Bull

  3. Ferrari: The logo of this famous car brand is a horse prancing on a yellow background. This luxury sports brand chose a horse for its logo.

  4. Bacardi: Bacardi is one of the leading spirits company in the world which chose a fruit bat as its logo. The black bat that appears on a red circular background can be said as the best logo choice for a molasses based distilled spirit company.

  5. Jaguar: The animal jaguar is the logo of the famous luxury car brand also known as Jaguar. A leaping jaguar in grey metallic shade symbolizes power, performance, and elegance.

  6. Abercrombie & Finch: An American causal wear brand for young people use moose as its logo. This luxury lifestyle brand has chosen moose as a symbol of bravery and dominance.

  7. Swarovski is one of the leading crystal manufacturers in the world focusing on crystal sculptures and jewelry. This logo features a crystal swan that clearly depicts the field of operation of the company.

  8. Levi Strauss & Co.: This jeans manufacturing company portrays two horses in their logo. The horses are shown as each other pulling in the opposite direction on a pair of jeans. This shows that the jeans are highly durable and strong.

  9. Evernote: This app was originally designed for note taking, task listing, organizing etc. The use of elephant for Evernote was a logical decision as elephants are particularly known for their long memory.

  10. Ralph Lauren: The polo sports line was introduced by this American designer company which features a polo horseman as its logo. This logo is a depiction of rich American culture and tradition.
    Ralph Lauren logo
These are a few of the companies that use animal imagery in their logo. There are many reasons for companies to use an animal symbol as the logo. Some might be associated with their culture or theme. Some might hold a direct connection to the brand and some have an indirect meaning of the product or service rendered by the brand. Using an animal imagery for logo may have better retention power in the minds of customers and it is more likely to notice the brand it if has an animal imagery in the logo. For such reasons and many more companies have used animal imagery in their logo for long and there is a huge probability that the companies in future might follow this trend.

Today, World Animal Day is a global event uniting the animal protection movement. So let’s celebrate World Animal Day on October 4th and keep in mind the special connection that unites us with animals and nature. Save the Animals, Save the Earth

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