How Long Does It Take to Become a Digital Artist?

*Cover image by  Asha Phaedra with Parblo A610 Pro

This is the most common question people ask us. When they are purchasing drawing tablets from us, the first thing we get to hear is that “ok, we are buying it from you, and we know it is of excellent quality, then how long are we going to struggle before we can call ourselves a Pro in digital art?” To answer this question, let us first dig into the meaning of digital art and a digital artist.

Digital Art and a Digital Artist

A traditional artist uses brushes, papers and other physical tools to make his painting alive. On the other hand, a digital artist is the one who uses technology in his process of drawing. He uses it for drawing and sculpture, 3D animations, website graphics, enhances photos digitally and much more where system and digital tools are his bases. He uses them to make his drawing alive. There is specialized hardware like drawing monitors and tablets, which you can explore at our website. On the other hand, an extensive series of software is also available, which will help you in designing your art digitally if you want to make your drawing alive. This was a short brief about digital art.

How Much Time Is Needed to Become a Digital Artist?

Now coming to the main question about how long a person takes to become a digital artist. Well, this field comes with the most different exceptions. You may someone mastering in just a year while others may spend 3-5 years for learning the same technique.

We classify digital art learners in two main categories:

  • The one who pursue formal degree program to proceed in the field
  • The one who takes non-formal education like educational videos on YouTube, through some coaching institutions or just practice by taking help from various resources.

Learning time for both times has a significant variation.

Learn about Basic Principles of Sciences

It is not compulsory to be an expert in all the scientific arenas of scientific effort. However, an in-depth understanding of the principles, vocabulary, and concepts will provide you with a solid basis to develop. Don't overlook the hard sciences! Once you are at a loss on how to continue in any animation task, the information contained in the sciences will help you in pointing the way as well as saving the artistic vision.

Practicing on Self-gadgets Instead of Getting a Degree

On the other hand, there is a majority class who thinking the university degree a waste of their time and money and think that continuous practice on their self-gadgets will help them earn better repo in minimum time. When you are here, you must know that even they didn’t master it in 4 weeks, like some YouTube videos claims. Yet they take a minimum of 1000 hours of practice before they can master digital art.

The main things that come in your way are your natural abilities to draw and your dedication level to the field. If you are moderate in traditional drawing and willing to spend only 1 hour of your daily routine, you are most likely to spend a minimum of three years in seek of mastering this skill. On the other hand, if you are an expert in traditional art and are dedicated to giving at least 3 hours a day for your dream, it is more evident that you will spend only 1 year in seeking for perfection. More practice, dedication towards the goal, using the latest software and hardware, will enable you to become a digital artist in one year.

A fitting digital drawing tool is the most useful element on your way to becoming a real digital artist, we believe a Parblo graphics tool is the perfect partner that can accompany.

Start with a useful tool and keep going with perseverance, you can become a digital artist in soon time.


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