How to Build Your Unique Artistic Style -- Interview With Niina

Today let's meet an artist who owns her unique art styles, who is making Art+Remix Animation with the half-animal star character attracting thousands of followers on social media. We had a nice talk and learned how did she build the styles and how she runs her social media account...

Q1: At the beginning of the interview, we would like to know more about yourself.

Hello! I am Niina Xan, a digital and traditional artist known by the animation furry community on the internet!
I'm specialized in Animation, Digital illustration, Traditional illustration, and Comic, I studied at the greatest school of Escola Joso in Barcelona.

Q2: What makes you engaged in the artistic?

I really like to express myself doing art, I think is a wonderful mean of expression.

Q3: What's the biggest challenge when you start the Art+Animation? How do you solve it?

The biggest challenge is to learn correctly how to do the things right at the art community, animation or illustration, you need to study a lot and of course have fun!
I solved it taking a lot of hours to study ( reading a lot of books, practicing anatomy...).

Q4: What factors contributed to the formation of your unique artistic style?

The most part of the things that formed my style like is now is the place where I live and the things that I do when I am not drawing.
I like Barcelona a lot, is a place with a lot of parties and cool ambiance.
But also an obvious thing that formed my style was my art professors (Mike Ratera, Daniel Vendrell, Pere Pérez, Juan San Miguel...) they gave me a lot of knowledge.

Q5: As we all know, your animated character Yoko is very popular. What is the original intention of creating this character?

I created Yoko for fun when I was 14 years old, I really loved the idea of having a half-animal original character and everything started here, I updated her story and style with the years
and now it Is the most popular character I have on the internet!

Q6. Many people said that they have been inspired by your paintings. We are curious about how you get inspired. 

I get inspired a lot when I go to do sport (I know its strange but...) I do flexibility classes, Pole sports classes... and all the poses of the dancers, the light of the rooms, the ambiance is
very warm, pink, sexy and feminine... and also the women that are there are empowered and that inspired me a lot.
Another thing that inspires me is music, music always made me feel a lot of different feelings and emotions.

Q7: What is one accomplishment that you are particularly proud of?

I am very proud of having a lot of people that appreciate my art and are always supporting me everywhere!! Especially on Youtube!!

Q8: What are you currently working on?

Now I am working on building my Patreon page, to make possible another project like a comic book and a sketchbook!

Q9: Would you like to share your using experience of Parblo with your fans?

Of course! Parblo tablets are very cool and now I am currently working with the last one that I got sponsored.

Q10: Finally, can you give some advice to artists who are new to social media on how to manage their accounts? 

The most important advice is... POST CONTENT ALWAYS! If you're constantly posting content people will notice you before :D and also have a variety of social media!

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