Best Digital Drawing Accounts to Follow on Instagram

The biggest problem in the life of a digital artist is the inspiration and ideas for drawing something new. Where inspiration plays a vital role in starting the work, ideas are critical in deciding what to make. You shouldn't copy someone's work, but when you see someone’s work, you get clicked in the mind that yes, this was something I wished to produce, and then all the burden lies on your skills and dedication.

To get this initial support, it is crucial to be in contact with people who are leading the industry, so you also set a mark to reach their level. Instagram plays a vital role because this social media application is known for posting pictures, and top artists around the world use it to share their masterpieces with the public. I have created a list of 6 best digital drawing accounts that you should follow to get the best out of your Instagram usage.


This account made to the top of my list for several reasons. You will see experimental gradients, poster designs, abstract, modern work and other master art that you expect from a top digital artist. He runs his project with the name of “365 posters,” and under this umbrella, he creates a design a day. As a UI/UX designer, his works are inspiring and the design tutorials he made are very professional.


Well, he is the coolest guy I have ever seen. He does graphic designing with a noble mission. In his intro, he says that I want to make people happy. His goal is to pack your boring Instagram newsfeed with fun and creative things that are surely going to make you happy. Check his account now and you will be curious about how can he come out with these incredible artworks, he specializes in combining irrelevant things together then create something harmonious and beautiful. This artist is going to fascinate you through his excellent illustration of daily-use items with a funny representation. If you want to work in this domain, this must be the top account to follow.

  1. @INDG0

He makes digital art (collages mostly), which is basically like having multiple mediums at disposal because it suits his personality best and gives him the freedom to explore.
If you want to create something related to rainbows, clouds, or bubbles, then this is the best account to take your inspiration. You can learn there are a lot s of ways to play with the sky actually. His daily art pieces will leave you with a dozen of ideas. If you are a space lover, following this account will open new ways of thinking. He designs things related to our space in an artistic way.

  1. @SHUSAKU1977

This artist is going to amaze you with his creative mashups, where he mixed historical art with modern pop culture. You will love his photo collages.

Shusaku doesn’t save everything, works of art, sacred images, celebrities, cartoons, politicians, the Japanese digital artist takes all this, blends it together and then posts the outcome on the internet.

His digital collections fascinate a lot of individuals because it is amusing to try to identify the components he used to form them as sometimes the reality is dull and the version of Shusaku is much more funny, surreal and stimulating. If you want to get all at one package, this must be your first choice to follow on Insta.

  1. @ terenry

Terenry RM is a Spanish-speaking, self-taught young digital artist and is renowned for her several AMVs, MAP parts and animation memes. She used to animate the MAP parts previously and very seldom creates animation memes. She is recognized to make AMVs featuring her unique characters. She has more than 50 original characters. She will be revealing their connections and stories by means of her AMVs.

  1. @ la___aura

Laura H. Rubin is a 25-years-old illustrator and digital artist based in Switzerland. Lauren describes herself as a Graphic Designer and Visual FX Artist.  Digital art is famous among artists lately. One of the main motives for this is that the digital drawings have more choices as compared to the traditional ones. As a result, this creates a chance for artists who don’t have enough tools for the material. With the growth of social media and technology, digital artists have as well attracted attention.

She likewise sells the products containing her drawings. Lauren H. Rubin typically lures surreal female illustrations. She uses Procreate from her drawings. Her illustrations are quite inspiring. She is a great digital artist and illustrator. 


As an artist, it is normal to lack ideas sometimes.  Checking these excellent accounts, I believe you can take inspiration from their work and try your own creativity. You can also share your imagination with peers on Instagram.

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