Digital Designer or a Graphic Designer ... Confused?

What’s the difference between a Digital Designer and a Graphic Designer? Well! Both sounds the same but yet they are different. Often people get abashed. Though there are plenteous similarities between visual designers and graphic designers, there are few differences between them. 

Let us first see the differences in digital designs and graphic designs –

The nitty-gritty skills and concepts of designing are exercised within both disciplines. The main digression between Graphic design and digital media design is that the former is generally still (pictures, logos, etc.) while the latter involves movement (movies, animations, etc.) Digital media design is not only associated with the visual arts but it also includes production values such as audio mastering or simply adding sound effects.

In contrast, Graphic designs them in print design, photographic adjustments, logo creation, iconography, wireframes, and much more.

The most interesting thing about both of these skills is that one does not necessarily need a college degree in either to make a career out of them.  It is the artist’s creativity and combination within that will grant him an industry experience. There is absolutely no hard and fast rule that says the graphic design has to be worked only on a computer.

Digital media design would be a branch of graphic design concentrating in, as the name suggests (and specifically says) digital media. It has nothing to do with any definite software. It is simply that, digital media design and all graphic design work is done using the computer today, no matter what software you choose to use to work on your designs.

The role of analytics and data between digital design and graphic design is another big difference. It is more difficult to track the performance of print materials for graphic designers, while in the digital world you have ample data that tracks your performance through views, clicks, likes, and shares. In order to improve their designs, digital designers have more data and are able to test their designs with the target group (so-called a/b test).

Now lets us view out few variances in Digital designers and graphic designers-

Digital designers exclusively work on their creativity and computer skills to design visuals that are found in electronic technologies such as on television programs, computer game graphics, websites, and movies.  They can work in diverse industries including education, visual communication, etc.  On the other hand, graphic designers create the concepts either by hand or with the help of computer software and thus reflect the ideas that the clients want them to be portrayed and thereby captivate customers.  They produce images mainly for brochures, magazines, advertisements, and websites.

There are some differences in their job responsibilities too.  Job responsibilities of digital designers include storyboard creations, editing of animation and designs, doing research and collection of details for projects, and attending meetings with clients.  Whereas, the job responsibilities of graphic designers include creation of logos, design layouts, presentation of designs and review them before printing.

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Here are some features of Mast22:

This all-metal pen display comes with a 21.5″ active area, which provides adequate area for the user to work on. With 82% NTSC color gamut, it can display subtle colors, which make it suitable for drawing, photography, and design.  The screen is remarkably thinner with the thinnest part being 7mm.  The surface has a matte finish, which provides a natural and delicate user experience.  15~85° adjustable stand makes the pen display ergonomic and the wide viewing angle up to 178° ensures that you can work with the angle you want.

This device supports the following compatible applications - Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator CC, Corel Painter, Manga Studio, Autodesk Sketchbook, Paint Tool Sai,Maya,3D Max, Krita, etc.

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