Embrace 2020 in an artistic point of view

With 2020 at our doorstep, it is time for New Year resolutions and draws up sky-high ambitions to make this a magical year. Parblo is paving paths and help you achieve your dreams and goals especially with the use of our mind-blowing products. So, do not waste your precious time as our devices are just a click away and be a pro in the artistic world. 

Five special techniques that improve your artistic skills

1. Naturalistic drawing

It is defined as an attempt to create drawings truthfully that is without any implausible, supernatural or exotic components.

To achieve realism some essential tips are needed. The first and foremost thing we need for this is references. Direct observation of things provides us a detailed idea of how the subjects look like, gesture, light and shadow, color and even tiny intricacies of the subjects. It is one of the challenging opportunities to develop our artistic skills.

2. Drawing from memory and imagination

The ability to memorize and imagine new things and ideas in your head is the most important criterion of drawing from memory and imagination.

Imaginative drawing is really of the final feat because it demands high-quality skills to execute those ideas into place successfully.

3. Knowledge of art materials and their skillful use

To become a maestro in the world of art proper knowledge of tools and their smart use is an inevitable thing. We introduce here some of our great inventions to help you in your great creations.


Parblo Coast16 is designed to help you deliver your best effort by providing a user-friendly experience. It provides good texture to draw. With an increased 8192 pressure sensitivity level, from the lightest to the strongest stroke of the brush, the outcome is quite surprising and you can maintain consistency over your works.


The tablet is huge spanning 23.3 inches wide and 21.5 inches across. It is one of the larger tablets coupled with a battery-free pen and it is available at a reasonable price.


This 13.3-inch display has 1920*1080 resolution and reaches to 88% NTSC color gamut, providing better painting experience for the artist to work on. With OGS full lamination technology, this HD display terminates parallax, makes it suitable for drawing, photography, and design. The Type-C port offers many conveniences and neat for your creation. It has 13.3-inch IPS LCD screen with 1920 * 1080 resolution with battery-free and wireless pen supporting 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Aluminum alloy back shell, the metal texture is more wear-resistant, so it is suitable for long-term uses.

High efficiency with 6 customizable express keys.

Setting buttons on the screen side allow you free to set the display Brightness, Contrast ratio, Sharpness, etc.

Suitable for Windows, Mac OSX operating system, compatible with most mainstream graphics software.

Universal Adjustable Tablet Stand

It is made up of alloy and plastic to confirm the steadiness. The key parts that touch tablets are covered with rubber. The tilt angle can be easily adjusted from 15° to 90°. It supports PARBLO tablets with the screen’s size ranging from 10 to 16 inches.

5. Composition skills

Composition in art means the placement of visual elements in a painting or other forms of artwork. The main ingredients include line, color, texture, space, value, shape, form, and design. The organization of these elements according to the principles of art is essential for a successful painting.

According to Western art the ingredients of the composition are considered to be unity, rhythm, pattern, contrast, focus, proportion, movement and balance.

Our new products are on the way, so keep waiting...

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2020...

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