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P50S Pen Tips
P50S Pen Tips
P50S Pen Tips
P50S Pen Tips


P50S Pen Tips


How to replace the pen nibs:

When the tip of the battery-free pen gets too short or develops a sharp edge, you can replace it with this kit.

  1. Use the removal tool to pull the old tip straight out the pen.
  2. Insert a new pen tip into the stylus and push the tip until it stops.

Technical Details

Brand Name: Parblo
Model Name: Nibs for P50S
Item Weight: 9g
Product Dimensions: 23*15*15(mm) / 0.91 *0.59 *0.59 (inch)
Material: ABS

Package Contents

  • 10 x Nibs;
  • 1 x remove tool.