Taste The Thunder of Global Carnival

November 11/11 has reached your doorsteps with SHOPPING TREASURE HUNT for all. Warm-up your wallets and get ready for the hunt.

Well! Why has 11/11 become such an important date especially for the bachelor's? Simple! The date has four singles (1) in a row so, it’s also celebrated as Singles Day and also known as ‘bare sticks holiday’. In 1993 at Nanjing University this day was declared as a day for students to celebrate their singleton it is also considered as anti-Valentine’s Day.

In just a few years Nov 11 has become the busiest and the bulkiest shopping day in both online and offline retail sales around the world. The online retailers propose tremendous promotions and the consumers contentedly gorge the attraction to the maximum. This is a complete 24 hours shopping blizzard. In other words, this announces the shift of power in the international sales market from the US towards China.

Alibaba, the giant Chinese e-retailer had advertised the day as an opportunity for single people to value themselves with new purchases.

 The eye-popping annual transaction kicks off at midnight of 11 November and races for 24 hours drawing mass attention through heavy discounts that are impelled by the main Alibaba-owned platform, Tmall. It’s that time of the year again and the world’s copious online shopping event is about to take place on 11 November.  Alibaba and its founder, Jack Ma, shifted the gears of the day from an ‘anti-Valentine's Day’ for Chinese bachelors to a global shopping festival.

 Over 15 million products from more than 180,000 brands, including 60,000 international brands, will be offering discounts on Tmall. Besides the e-commerce giant, other platforms like Parblo Digital Drawing Tool is one of the key competitors and will be pushing equally hard to attract shoppers.

 November, the last month of autumn.

It’s time to do the unexpected with some new adventure

The countdown begins for the global shopping festival

Time to make your dear ones happy

As PARBLO is coming to add glory to 11/11

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, November 11 is a global holiday, a global festival for every consumer.

PARBLO the noted manufacturer for Digital Drawing Tablets, Graphic Monitors, Interactive Pen Display Tablets will be focus of attention in the Global Shopping Fest 11/11. Experience the alchemy of the latest PARBLO Digital Drawing Tablets and Graphics Monitors and explore their features marking a new way to creativity. Strengthen and nourish your love for drawing with PARBLO – the best way to give rise to your dreams. To add more enthusiasm to World Shopping Day 11/11, PARBLO is offering an 11% discount on its product. So friends, what are you waiting for.... plan well your shopping list and hit the sale.

Few shopping recommendations

- Be an early bird in preparing your shopping list instead of flipping through the entire site once the sale begins.

-While browsing, it also looks out for additional promo coupons that you can use to avail for further discounts.

- Since most of the sites are in Chinese, set yourself with a translation tool like Google Translate to help you ride out.

-Make sure the goods will be shipped to your destination.

-Lastly, check out for the lowest rates for inter-bank transactions and exchange rates.

                             HAPPY SHOPPING!

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