Encounter Learning Disabilities Artistically

Is your child struggling with school? Does learning disinterest him? Does Book irritate him? Has difficulty in understanding his daily lessons? Does he take too much time to learn things? Well! Well! Then the child may have some LEARNING DISABILITIES.

Learning disabilities affect the ability to decode what one sees and hears or the ability to process information from different parts of the brain. It is not intellectual incompetence. These limitations can be clear-cut difficulties with spoken and written language, coordination, self-control, or attention. The situation becomes grave when difficulties extend to schoolwork and can impede learning to read or write, or to do mathematical problems.

Having a positive spirit is the best human ability that no disability can steal away. One of the most desired ways to ignite the passion for learning is through ARTS. Arts help to keep the kids engrossed in a fun and superficial way. Art-based activities can help children with learning disabilities to conquer the challenges they go through in their learning process.  However, art, craft, music, and dance can give students with learning disabilities an opportunity to express themselves through different media and gain a feeling of self-importance along the way. When the feeling of self-worth hits any individual then he starts planning to conquer the world. Children with learning disabilities often come to the conclusion that they are incompetent in learning because of their growing difficulties in school.

Now the question is – how to help the children facing learning problems?

ALCHEMY Of Arts       

Even the most severely disabled child can get high on through his senses experiencing the joy of the arts. Children with learning disorders often need extra help and training that are specialized for them or different methods of drilling that will make their learning process creative, understandable and interesting. Studies say that art classes should be given the foremost priority in such cases. The arts can do wonders, because children with difficulties in academic subjects might be skillful at drawing, painting, acting or dancing and singing.  


Music and the arts are a big-league for learning-challenged kids who battle in school. For them to accomplish, learning must be innovative and interactive. In many cases, they cannot learn by listening to a lecture, but if they are fully engaged in the subject through acting, singing, and drawing, they can recall what they have learned. Arts will open the space of learning to the students having difficulty with traditional learning methods. Arts are intellectual areas requiring multifarious thinking and problem solving - that offer children the chance to build up their own understanding of the world. The arts will not only contribute vital skills in students with disabilities to express themselves but good art programs can build up jobs in the arts industry. First and foremost, any nature of art brings in children and teens with disabilities great cheer and adventure in the process of learning. This will help the children in building high self-esteem. The arts keep a differently-able child from dropping out of school and help them to develop in academic areas.


At the initial stage set up a room where the children can have open arms to all the tools and materials they need for their creation. Give them their freedom to shape their own imagination in the digital tab, which will be easy for the child to work on. Have patience, time heals every disability. It may take time but gradually their artistic skills will open the door of confidence in them and they will have a feeling of self-worth. Soon digital paintbrush, a costume, a drum or paper, scissors, and glue will be their new tools for self-expression. This will encourage their determination while providing opportunities for learning and practice and learning will thus become their curiosity. The feeling that ‘I’ can do something - is a critical part of the learning process. And when the children take the flight of their fancy the world becomes so colorful for them. Arts thus help them to visualize their creation. They start enjoying the new medium of learning, cherishing their journey from crayons to digital drawing and painting, sketching their artistry in a frame.

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