Myths of Digital Art and Why They Matter

With the invention of the computer, a revolutionary change took place. This innovation transformed our lives and our thoughts beyond imagination. With this development, our skills too got refined.  We started getting new ideas as we can get anything and everything at the tip of our finger. One such creative and very popular concept the internet has made is DIGITAL ART.  This art helps to conceptualize the pictures, of fantastic landscapes, creatures and places, real by the imagination of an artist. Anyone who has a taste of drawing their imagination may be tempted to try their luck at this form of art and all you need is a computer and some software.  It may sound as simple as ABC but it’s not really easy. So, to become a good digital artist you must read to explore our tips on how to become a blooming digital artist.

Myth 1

Should be an inborn artist or a gizmo geek


This myth really gets many awesome and talented people to give up trying drawing.  If you think the same then clear your mind  – STOP!!

There are many talented artists who realized their artistic skills and who started learning at a very late age and are at the top of the ladder now. They are rated as Talent Artists!

It's true that when they first began drawing their art they couldn’t idealize and carry out their thoughts perfectly. They just kept pushing and bettering their skills! One of my friends is the best example.

From her early age, she aspired to become a singer or an actor. And then when we were in Grade 9 we had an awe-inspiring art teacher who stirred my skills of making images – creating Art.

Since then, she kept practicing every day getting better and better.  Discovered her passion for art at a later age today she enjoys herself as a DIGITAL ARTIST

So, I firmly believe that “you need to be born with a drawing talent to be successful” is a MYTH.

At the end of the day – you don’t need to go to school to become a successful artist. All you need is motivation, inspiration, knowledge, and practice.

Myth 2

Only branded tablet or expensive software can make it...

No, you are misguided or mistaken! Of course its good to have the Adobe Suite but honestly, you do not need it to create wonderful works of art! There is myriad open-source image software that offers the same things for free. Isn’t it amazing? On the other hand, don’t think that it will be an extravagant expenditure if you feel disposed to buy a tablet. It is undoubtedly an undeniable fact that more expensive tablets have more settings, more options, better sensitivity, etc, but if you’re a sensible and reasonable artist I wouldn’t suggest spending such a sky-high amount for one. Being a digital artist I don’t think you really need a tablet to make exceptional images. A touchpad or mouse in an artist's hands can give birth to fascinating and amazing images. No brand of the tablet can define your creative skills. So it is neither expensive software nor a certain brand tablet or any photoshop that makes your artwork prodigious. It is only and only your prolific ideas and interpretations that take your expertise to the level par excellence.

Myth 3

Nothing much can be achieved with Digital Art

It really gets on my nerve when I hear people saying that ‘you can’t do much with digital art’. As I am a digital artist it is tormenting but at the same time, I also feel pity at their ignorance. “ I am a digital artist and I know how much thinking and time is spent to make a picture-perfect picture

How can one forget that digital artists are people who conceive who give life to concepts for movies, books, games? They ornament their own world; actualize striking character designs making their picture more .captivating.

Everyone should know that digital artists are the people who work for:   

Editorial (magazines, newspapers, journals)

Create an educational world more creative and fun learning for kids.

Work in graphic design and advertising creating logos, websites, design packaging

Create storyboards for animations, advertisements, movies

Write graphic novels, comic books

Work in gaming as background or character designers

Create art for posters, CD’s and merchandise

And this list could go on and on and on.

So this what a digital artist can do!

So don’t feel embarrassed about being a DIGITAL ARTIST.

Only we, digital artists, can bring transparency to this profession so that more and more people visualize what digital art is all about.

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