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Jeszika Le Vye is an American artist. She has been an oil painter for almost about 15 years. She is an unconventional, self-employed Illustrator, pursuing both in Digital Painting, as well as Oil Painting. Being a whimsical Realist painter she loves to bring to life the perceptions of the fantastical world. As she was very good at maths and Science subjects she was constantly reminded of getting a STEM degree and she did end up a degree holder in Chemistry.  Art had no role in her life. But soon she realized her madness for art and started paving her way into art classes. From here her artistic journey started.

She began as a fine-art oil painter and spent many years reproducing classical paintings, but as she moved into doing more original work she became interested in Illustration and visual storytelling. She is extremely focused on conveying emotions and ideas in a painting. Her themes usually involve the psychology of the character, the subconscious mind, and the choices that the figures are faced with.

Her mother was fine art, oil painter. So she had the privilege to be a part of all her works. Her childhood was in art galleries where her mother’s artworks were on display. Since then her interest in colors started blooming. Though she was constantly being told that artists couldn’t succeed at making a living and as she was good at math, everyone wanted her to opt science instead of arts.  But she would feature most of her early impulse in the art to having always adored books and illustrations. As a child, she collected books with appealing covers and loved trying to illustrate them herself.  That was the best thing that she loved about her growth as an artist. She was madly in love with the arts and exploring it. According to her art is so much about giving and exchanging information and ideas.  And when you are able to trap ideas/emotions and design an image that has an impression on the viewer that encourages the artists’ reflection or growth. Having grown as an artist, she was constantly learning and improving on how innovative and how best to do this. And she loved to see herself succeeding in her innovation.

She grew up around much more traditional fine art and no doubt she was an oil painter for so long before learning digital painting. In pursuit of perfecting her creation, she would leave no stone unturned delving into every possible creation. She always felt more confident in her ability to make the mark than she did in the digital tools. So, before she paints a painting digitally, she would review a lot more heavily on the actual painting, rather than learning to use different digital brushes and tools – layers, lassos, texture brushes, masks, etc.  Though all these things felt way more complicated than just pen to screen she thought a lot of it comes down from practicing which she did. She is a very inquisitive artist and she owes the success of her journey to her CURIOSITY. She always believes that one of the best things about being human is being curious, being enthusiastic to learn more. And this excitement about what she doesn’t know and how much more she can learn took her a long way. Then the journey of her growth as an artist became more like a treasure hunt and she kept on unwrapping the ideas and new skills that came her way.

There have been many artists who have embossed a mark on her artistic journey for so many different reasons. They are all super desirous and devoted to what they do. Artists who put in 100% of their effort have always inspired her. They pour their creative concepts into their illustrations to create in a way that positively impacts those who experience their work. She always has a love for the above and beyond – and seeing the artists those who that do that are always her inspiration.

In all her creations she always focuses to create something that reminds us how beautiful and enigmatic the world around us can be and she is exploring what is yet unseen to her.



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Kathie Patrick

Kathie Patrick

I would like to get in contact with Jeszika and ask permission to do one of her paintings, the blue faced honey eater and irises, as a stained glass pattern. thank you Kathie Patrick

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