Drawing is a natural talent
Drawing and art is the best source of "purification" or "cleansing" or "clarification" refer to the purification and purgation of emotions and feelings of relaxation. Almost every person has this talent of art and drawing naturally.  It is a representation originally used by Aristotle in the Poetics, comparing the impact of tragedy on the psyche of a spectator to the effect of catharsis on the body.

When you look all around the world you noticed many beautiful scenes. At any time, any place you can draw that scene and enjoy by arising the same feelings you feel in the first look of scenes. No matter the medium, drawings are basically concerned with the outline and form of an object or subject.

1. Drawing is a natural talent:

The inspiration to draw actually comes naturally to different people. Give a toddler a color pencil and he or she will naturally begin to scribble!

With time as we grow up, this act of art-making progresses and becomes advance from a flurry of 'meaningless' scribbles to images and words that make an order of our world.

Briefly, drawing and other kinds of art are simply part of the human instinct to communicate and express ourselves

You start art work from simple what you do happily and expertly

2. The artwork is best for relieving stress:

In reality, the creative artwork - drawing, painting, sculpture, drama, dance, music, and so on - are not only a great way to create something beautiful and new, they're also fantastic for relieving mental stress , increasing creativity, developing and improving problem-solving abilities, and building leadership behavior, exchange, and social abilities.

There are a couple of ways in which expressing yourself through the arts can lift your life

Focusing on an art task has a number of advantages: primly, it takes your mind off your negative feelings and in addition, it enables you to express these feelings via other more productive channels.

Rather than agonizing and letting stress, trouble, or anxiety get the better of you, change it into something different.

Go on, hit a few drums, and make an arrangement, paint, or sing to your heart's want!

Art work is best for relieving stress

3. You start art work from simple what you do happily and expertly:

Choose any simple way of artwork that fills your heart with satisfaction any simple act of participating in an art task - however simple - can bring lots of enjoyment and happiness. And it may even bring out your hidden talent.

4. Social circle builds by Art and Drawing:

One of the most significant - and pleasant - aspects of participating in anything related to the arts is the social connections you make.

Enjoying the process of art-making with others in a shared task or coming together even as you work on individual pieces engenders not only friendship, however the precious experience of teaching others and learning from them.

In fact, art is not simply meant to be made in isolation but shared with people and friends. When companion and friends share their art ideas many new artworks is discovered.

Join an arts interest group or take part in a forum and discussion. Ask your queries and seek other people's opinions and viewpoints.

More than a meeting of like-minds and personalities, the act of being associated in a community of art lovers can also be a method of learning about new art forms or artists to expand your points of view and enhance your mind.

Social circle builds by Art and Drawing

5. Drawing is simple art:

Although more physically demanding kinds of art such as theatre, dance, and music also call for stamina, flexibility, and bodily awareness.

Drawing is also a simple category of art that enables a person to draw what he/she look in all around the world drawing art or technique of producing images and pictures on a surface, generally paper, by methods for imprints, as a rule of ink, graphite, chalk, charcoal, or crayon. ... Although not every artwork has been introduced by a drawing in the form of the initial sketch, drawing is in effect the basis of all visual arts.

6. Color theory in artwork:

Color is the element of art that alludes to reflected light. Color theory is defined as a theory since it cannot be proved. Theories are commonly accepted, despite the fact that there is no need to prove it. Laws are accepted because they are proved.

The color theory explains the color wheel that consists of primary, secondary and tertiary colors. All these colors used in artwork in the original form also in tint and shade forms.

Primary colors:

There are three primary colors: Red/BlueYellow

Secondary colors:

Secondary colors are also three: Orange/Purple or violet/Green

Tertiary colors:

There are six tertiary colors: Red-orange/Yellow-orange/Yellow-green/Blue-green/Blue-violet/Red-violet.

In all of these colors, some colors are called cool colors these colors are used to describe any color that is calm or soothing in nature. Cool colors include green, blue and violet (think calming blue waters).

Some colors are known as warm color these are used to describe any color that is vivid or bold in nature and effect. Warm colors are colors that tend to advance in space and can be overwhelming. Warm colors include red, yellow and orange (think exciting fire and volcanoes).  Opposite with cool colors.

Art work shows a perfectness with use of colors. Also, it looks like a real one.

Color theory in art work

7. Effect of art on your mood and health:

It has the ability to engage you so fully, carrying you into the present moment. Reduces mental stress – studies show that both creating and observing art can decrease cortisol, the hormone of stress. Doing something your favorite also releases endorphins – feel-good chemicals that combat stress and lessen pain.

Sometimes when you become bored and in this situation, you draw something extraordinary you will feel extraordinary happiness and satisfaction in your inner world. It’s all about for some new creation you will make in art.

Anybody can use this talent to give a lesson to the community, to decorate the home, but before doing all this practice of drawing, learn about all art elements their use also.

Effect of art on your mood and health

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