The 8 Habits Successful Artists Should Have

What makes an artist a successful one? Is it talent, hard work or both. Even though it might be a combination of these two, success doesn't happen to anyone overnight. There is a long journey of perseverance and dedication behind every successful person. It is the little things that matter the most and it is true when it comes to success. An action little by little but done consistently will undoubtedly bring you the desired results. If are interested in knowing what are the habits of successful artists, then read on to know more.

  1. Practice Daily: This is the golden rule that all artists swear by. Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or professional, practicing drawing or making art is quite essential. Allot some time in your day for your creative processes. Even if it is 5 or 10 minutes, if you want to become a successful artist, then you must find the time to paint or draw daily. Thinking you can practice on the weekends or when you are free may not always actually work out. So it is important to find time to practice daily and it also helps one to hone the creative skills gradually.
  2. Rest: Sometimes work can be hectic and can put a strain on the mind and body. Thus it is imperative to take a rest whenever you feel tired. Because only a relaxed body and mind can produce good art. When you are tired, take a break, go out, or take a nap. An artist needs to rest well and thus always make sure that you get enough sleep. Having a worn-out body and mind will affect productivity and quality.
  3. Get Feedback: Getting feedback is very important for an artist. This is one point that is often overlooked by many artists. Feedback is a way through which one comes to know how his artwork is being perceived by others. When you showcase your art to a group of people you are opening yourself to receiving feedback from them. Art achieves completion when it is put out for others to see and probably the audience of your art would have an opinion on it. This feedback you receive from the audience can be good or bad. An artist should be able to accept the encouragements or criticisms for his art. To improve one's talent feedback is important, so don't hesitate to seek it.
  4. Do What You Love: As an artist create only what you are really interested in. Just because others are doing something else, you don't have to feel pressured to follow them. Don't do what you are uncomfortable with and create only what you like to do. This will help you to grow as you are doing something out of your own interest. Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone doesn't necessarily mean you will do great. If you love what you do and are confident in it, they continue to do it and it will you grow at your own pace.
  5. Learn: The world is an amazingly large place and there is a whole lot to explore. Once in awhile keep aside your tools and try to learn something new. It could be a new technique that can transform the work you do or it could be just learning some history. When you learn something new, your brain gets stimulated and which can have positive impacts on the way you think, perceive and act. 
  6. Get Organized: A messy desk or art studio can have a direct impact on your work. It can take a toll on your time at the most unexpected situations. To avoid any mishaps make sure that you organize your work. Make a schedule of everything you have to do every day and plan everything accordingly. Having a solid plan will help you to pass each day without troubles and keeping your workspace organized will help you save a lot of time and effort.
  7. Set your Goals: Every artist need to have goals. Setting goals will make sure that you stay focused on the work you do and it will give you a sense of direction. Having a goal to achieve will make you work harder and achieving one provides a sense of accomplishment which everybody needs in life to stay motivated. Setting goals make you push the limits you have set for yourself and achieve more thus bringing personal growth and satisfaction in the work you do.
  8. Take up challenges: This will help you grow as an artist. Taking up a challenge doesn't mean doing something you don't want to. It simply means to push yourself to become a better version of you. Every day is a journey to improvement and during this course, challenge yourself to do something better or big to become a refined artist.

These are some of the habits which many of the successful artists swear by. If you are an artist who wants to be successful in the work you do, then following these habits will take you closer to your dream. Remember, what matter is not just the effort but also how consistently you put in the effort.

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