Top 6 Female Digital Artists

Incredible artists are all around us. Some of them fascinate us with their talent and some of them through their narratives. Irrespective of the themes used, art never fails to amuse us. This article is about those 6 talented and bright female digital artists who in full swing and is here to stay in the art industry for a long time.

1. Alayna Danner:

Based in Seattle, Washington Alayna Danner works as a freelance illustrator as well as a concept artist. She is one of the popular digital artists that her clients include Cryptozoic,  Wizards of the Coast, Alderac Entertainment Group, Rio Grande Games, Fantasy Flight Games, Troll Lord Games, and many more. She had received honorable mention in ArtStation Awards in the category 2D Environment Art Challenge. Her works have made their way into Magic: The Gathering cards, the covers of board games, and the Dungeons & Dragons books among many other book covers and magazine covers. As an art director and creator, she has created board illustrations, card illustrations, and location illustrations for  AEG's Edge of Darkness. Alayna Danner is currently the Art Director at Alderac Entertainment Group.

top six Female artist - Alayna Danner

2. Meyoco:

Meyoco's specialty is creating beautiful and nostalgic art which predominantly features vibrant colors, florals, and waves. This illustrator is based in Indonesia and draws inspiration from Japanese comics western animation and pop culture. She is very active on social media that her Instagram feed is loaded with beautiful artworks. Meyoco prefers working on subjects that she likes the most or decides on what subject to choose before beginning her creative process. She tries to incorporate all of her favorite things into her art. Her passion for developing accessories and apparels has made her into a small business owner.

top six female artists - Meyoco

3. Kaya Oldaker

She is a British artist whose skills across a range of areas such as character design, animation, creature design and so on. One of her strongest suits is creating visuals with a storytelling aspect. Apart from creating characters that are influenced by nature and rural life, she also likes to create fantasy and sci-fi creatures. She not only creates characters but also builds a whole new world for them. Kaya uses a lot of extravagance and colors in telling stories. She also took part in Paralympic games with other animators on the project 'Light up the world'.

top six female artists - Kaya Oldaker

4. Julia Razumova

Russian-born Julia Razumova is widely recognized for her hyper-realistic portraits. She is a skilled artist and more than 200 of her paintings are featured on 
Artstation. Julia works as a freelance artist and is also a 2D animator who is a popular icon on Instagram. Her Instagram page is full of amazing pictures as well as exemplary brush strokes. She is one of the talented artists in the present age and it took a lot of hard work to become one of the recognizable digital artists. Her techniques are different, which is the reason for her exceptional artworks. She begins off her work by painting her subjects in greyscale and then she tries to bring out the skin tones off of the greyscale by using the color balance.

top six female artists - Julia Razumova

5. Jeszika Le Vye:

An imaginative realist painter who loves narrating her ideas through the characters she creates and through their story. Her works predominantly include sci-fi and fantasy and psychology and philosophy becomes an important part of her art. Before starting her career as a digital illustrator she had been an oil painter for over ten years who focused on original landscapes. She had also reproduced Pre-Raphealite and German Romantic Paintings. The techniques she learned while being an oil painter have helped her a great deal in creating sci-fi/fantasy themes in her digital illustrations. 

top six female artists - Jeszika Le Vye 1

6. Caro Waro:

Carolina Ibáñez de Aldecoa Marín popularly known as Caro Waro is a concept artist and comic drawer from Spain. After graduating in Fine Arts, she started working as a concept artist and animator. During her course, she had worked in several mobile games. Caro created her first watercolor art book 'Asteroid', which features characters such as heroes, villains, and creatures belonging to the Asteroid universe. She is currently working as the Creative Director at Theink.

top six female artists -Caro Waro

The list of successful and talented female digital artists doesn't end here. There are a number of female artists out there who have proven their mettle in the industry. We can except more female artists who can shake the industry with the exceptional talent and out of the box thinking, and leave an everlasting impression in the minds of art enthusiasts in the near future.

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