#2 Parblo Illustration Contest Winners

Winners of the #2 Parblo Illustration Contest have been decided at 5 pm on December 26th, 2017 (UTC+8). We appreciate the many entries and “Like” received for this campaign.

Thank you for joining our second illustration competition! Though there were only 13 (including 3 double entries from one person) entries we received this time, we are so delighted that those amazing entries were beyond our expectation and we enjoyed reviewing all the entry.

Though all the entries were delightful, there were several that stood out with their attention to detail, imaginative concepts, thematic relevance, situations and concepts and “like“ they have received through Parblo Page. According to our rules specified before (https://www.facebook.com/notes/parblo/2-parblo-illustration-competition/1472059249508343/).

(NOTE: For the person who has various entries, the final entry work will decide as the work collected most post likes! )

We announce the winners below:

First Prize: A610s + $50 http://bit.ly/2BqA6g5
Name: Liberto Clems
Country: Nigeria
Title: Little man as musician 
Source of Inspiration: Music has always been my major source of inspiration.

Second Prize: A610 http://bit.ly/2j11ZEs
Name: samirate-studios
Country: Nigeria
Title: True/Reliable tech
Source of Inspiration: Reliable tech bring ideas to life.

Third Prize: PR200w Mechanical Keyb http://amzn.to/2newhs4 oard
Name: JuicyArts
Country: Nigeria
Title: Litte Man Colorful Surfing
Source of Inspiration: Parblo Piccassso Abstract paintings, colorful water representing love for everyone despite gender, race and lifestyles.


Name: vovikrobo
Country: Russia
Title: Parblo nature artist
Source of Inspiration: “I think that parblo with his pacified look really likes to paint nature."

Name: Brian Bidegain
Country: Argentina
Title: The awesome first time with Parblo
Source of Inspiration: "I was inspired by the tablet and myself of how it would be the moment to turn it on, I have one of about 8 years ago that has some flaws and one with monitor like the one of Parblo would be a great evolution, I just wanted to express the joy and astonishment of lighting it up for the first time."

Name: Rea
Country: Italy
Title: The little ArtMan
Source of Inspiration: “I got inspired by old school cartoons, and i wanted to see how he would look like in a similar vintage-ish style."


Congratulations to the above three lucky guys, you are so lucky to win the Parblo prize. Please message us with the following information to claim your prize:

We gave honorable mentions to fine entries in this contest. We introduce them here.

BY Samirate-studio


BY John Trees


BY KreedCitydesigns


BY Liberto Clems




BY JuicyArts

BY Iorver Daniel Terdoo

We appreciate your entry and support. We will continue the Parblo illustration contest in the future. Thank you everyone!


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