#1 Parblo Illustration Contest Winners

Winners of the #1 Parblo Illustration Competition have been decided. We appreciate the entries and “Like” received for this campaign.

Thank you for joining our first illustration competition! Though there were only 9 entries we received this time, we are so delighted that those amazing entries were beyond our expectation and we enjoyed reviewing all the entry.

According to our rules specified before, https://www.facebook.com/notes/parblo/1-parblo-illustration-competition/1299147120132891/

We announce the winners below:


First Prize: Parblo A610 + $100 
Name: Constantin Stefan 
Country: USA
Title: Parblo Girl


Second Prize: Parblo Island A609
Parblo Boy


Third Prize: Parblo PR200w Mechanical Keyboard 
Name: Zain bin Awais
Country: USA
Title: Enjoy Parblo Tablet in Coffee Room

Congratulate above three lucky guys, you are so lucky to win the Parblo prize. For the special rewards, we are so sorry that we did not find a perfect one for the product package, so it is so regretful to cancel this reward.

We gave honorable mentions to fine entries in this contest. We introduce them here.

BY AlaïsL

BY Angela G. Collazo


BY Lane Elanora

BY Nikage


BY Mimi Mari

We are much appreciating yours entry and support. We will continue the Parblo illustration in the future, if you are interested, please stay tuned the next one.

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