Welcome to the Parblo product tester Invitation! Parblo always wants to help more digital drawing enthusiasts to start their journey!

Different voices are the most important reason for the progress and development of our brand and products! If you like digital drawing and would like to work with Parblo, please fill out the form below! We will contact you after screening and send you our latest product, Ninos N series drawing tablet, for free!

We value your opinion, whether it's a criticism or a praise. Please take 5 minutes to fill out the questionnaire.

The application runs from 00:00 PDT July 22, 2022, to 23:59 PDT July 25, 2022.


After our screening process, we will contact and invite the following testers to review the Ninos N series drawing tablets. (We will announce testers' email with the text hidden in the middle.) If you do not receive an email from us within 3 days, please email review@parblo.com to check.

eliza*******4233@gmail.com                                           sb****o42@gmail.com
illu***mi@gmail.com                                                         xxsu****sxx@gmail.com
ocr***42@gmail.com                                                       mira.***ns@gmail.com
dev********ules@gmail.com                                             nic***ii@live.com
Nikkin*****onger@gmail.com                                           silver*****oon@gmail.com
delil*******yla@gmail.com                                                 helloe*****ilan@gmail.com
soo****art@gmail.com                                                     ine****cc@gmail.com



  • How do I apply?

Please fill and submit the following form and there will be a person to email with you if you pass.

  • What are the requirements for Screening Officers?

1. For US users (other regions will be recruited in the future)
2. Experience in digital drawing is preferred
3. Active in social media is preferred.

  • What graphic tablet to be tested?

Parblo NinosN series graphic tablets is the latest product to be released by Parblo. It has three sizes, 4", 7" and 10"; two colors, black and blue; two model, with buttons and without buttons.
You can go through the link to learn more: https://bit.ly/3MMK6Vc 

  • What are the requirements for testing products?

1. Keep an objective mindset to fully experience all features of the product, as well as size, dimensions, colors, etc.
2. Fill out the review questionnaire, objectively test the pros and cons of the product to give advice on the product. (Compare it with other brands' products is possible.)
3. Submit the results of the evaluation and post them in social media, with pictures or videos
4. No reply to emails within 3 days will be considered as abandonment.

  • When to submit the review?

1. We will publish the list on the page and notify by email on July 28, and arrange to send the products.
2. Please review the product within 7 days after you receive it and submit the review report.
3. Please post the review of the product in the form of pictures or videos on social media within 14 days of receiving the product. Don't forget to @parblotech and use #ParbloNinosN #TabletReview (Instagram/Twitter/YouTube……)
4. If you are unable to submit on time due to other matters, please let us know your schedule.

  • What are the benefits of the program?

1. Get the product for free, and future new products will be invited for review first.
2. Participate in Parblo's product design and upgrade to develop a product that best suits your needs.

The right to interpret this activity belongs to Parblo.