Change to left-handed user model

How to change the change right-handed user model into let-handed user model on Windows?

Coast 13 adopts humane innovative design which takes into account different needs of
right-handed and left-handed users. It's easy to switch them on the setting of computer.
The default setting is for right-handed users, so here is the way to switch from right hand mode to left hand mode.

  • Flip the display of Coast 13
  • Please Enter the display setting of the computer:
  • Make sure the option of “Multiple displays” is “Extend these displays” cuz Left handed mode can only be applied in the extending mode:
  • Please click the “Identify” button to ensure if display “2” represents Coast 13. (Normally display “2” represents Coast 13.)
  • You will find a number on the monitor:
  • It means display “2” represents Coast 13 here.
  • Now please click the display “2”and flip the display “2” (Coast13).
  • Then you’ll find the display of Coast 13 was flipped.
  • Switch the pen.
  • You need to switch the pen on the driver of Coast 13. Please enter into tablet setting here:
  • Then click button “Mapping” and make the rotate “180”and select “Monitor 2”as bellow:
  • The last step is to make display “2” main display.
  • Now Coast 13 has been successfully switched to left handed mode.