Visit Us at Russia Comic-Con 2018

The official Russian Comic-Con is back with the 2018 edition, and we are excited to announce that Parblo’s team will be present in the event this year with our latest digital art tools including Mast 22 and other drawing tablets. Don’t forget to check out some live action! 

Not just the Parblo team, but you will be amazed to see how comic characters come to live and what it takes to deliver cutting-edge designs and lively designs. Here is a hint - it takes more than a drawing tablet. We are available at Hall No. 3, booth number H9, from Monday 4th to 7th October 2018 at the Comic-con. Walk-in to our booth and experience what we have in store, especially the Mast 22 drawing tablet, which has set new bars for competition.

Parblo Tablet Russia Comic Con 2018

The excitement is not over yet. Join us on Friday 5th October to see how comic characters come to life with our special guest artists Lesya Guseva and Kristina Kaspi. You can experience it first hand, how professional artists to design and develop characters. Both Lesya Guseva and Kristina Kaspi are self-developed artists and professionals; they are the perfect inspiration for you to jumpstart your journey. Experience creativity at its best and get inspired by real professionals in the industry first-hand.  

Join us from 4th to 7th October 2018 at Parblo’s booth at H9 in Hall No#3 to win exciting prizes through lucky draw contests. Every visitor in our booth stands a chance to win. Don’t forget to drop in your name with us, and don’t miss a chance to win exciting offers.

See you at Comic-Con. Follow our Facebook|Instagram channels for LIVE updates!


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