Parblo Launches Two New Affordable Graphic Tablets: A640 and A610 plus

A640 and A610 plus are the most affordable digital drawing tablets with higher pen pressure levels, portable and customized express keys.

A610 plus

With its existing range of graphics tablets and graphics monitors, Parblo has made its mark in the industry and is slowly gaining the popularity it much deserved. By introducing two new graphics tablet, Parblo is strengthening its presence in the market. 

A640 is a simple and portable graphics tablet with 6''x4'' active area. This graphics tablet from Parblo can speed up your works and make every second of your precious time count as A640 is equipped with 4 customizable express keys. These keys can be assigned custom actions to make your work easy. 

A610 plus is a slightly bigger version than A640 with 10"x6" active area which provides more freedom to the user to express this creativity. A610 plus also has more number of customizable express keys which can perform a wide range of functions such as mouse clicks, modifiers or navigation. 

Both the graphics tablets come with a pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels which produces precise and smooth lines giving our artworks more defined and completed look. It also gives the user a natural feel where every movement is captured with perfection. A640 is a versatile device which can be used for digital signature, document/photo editing, illustration and much more. It is really compact that the thinnest part is only 5.2mm, which makes it a perfect gadget to carry around. The smooth cloth at the back of A610 plus prevents it from getting scratches and also provide a nice neat look to the tablet. 

These two graphics tablets have advanced USB Type-C connection which makes it easy to connect and ensures faster and efficient data transmission. 

Parblo also rolls out something exciting to its user. The A640 graphics tablet comes in two different color variants: Black and Green so that you can pick the color of your choice.

As Parblo has introduced two more products to its wide range of graphics tablet, users can now have a lot of options to choose from. Parblo is keen on developing graphics tablets that meet the ever-evolving needs of the artists around the world. By making available in the market graphics tablet that meet the requirement of every user, Parblo aims to encourage and motivate a large number of artists to develop their talent and explore their potential to create designs that will forever change the perception of art itself.






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