Top 9 Cities for Artistic Inspiration

Inspiration is really important for an artist. We could say that inspiration fuels an artist because all the creations of an artist stem from inspiration. An artist can be inspired by the places he visits, the experience he has had in his life, instances he comes across and an artist can even draw inspiration from the lives of others. Regardless of the sources of the inspiration, it powers one to explore new areas of creativity. This article is all about the top 10 places for artistic inspiration because some places, probably due to its history, architecture, culture or people are capable of inspiring artists. If you are searching for places for artistic inspiration then make sure to read the article.

  1. Buenos Aires

    This city in Argentina is simply beautiful. The main attractions of the city are its architecture which oozes French and Italian architectural finesse. Big or small, every building in Buenos Aires is a wonder because of the architectural detailing. This is a much-loved city by artists and has nurtured numerous artists around the world for over a century. One of Latin America’s most influential art fairs, arteBA, is held in Buenos Aires and has been adorned with the title UNESCO’s first City of Design in 2010. The city streets, vibrant life, and magnificent architecture are all a source of inspiration for artists. Artists have turned Buenos Aires into their canvas for artists by painting the city with colorful murals and transforming the street-art scene.

  1. Prague

    Prague is an artist's dreamland. It is and has been a breeding ground for artists. Art is a quintessential part of Prague. From museums to street ways, one can find art in every nook and corner of the city. With ancient chapels, elegant cafes and rustic bars, wandering through the streets of Prague is pure bliss for anyone. The Czech art offers a splendid view which is reflected in the interiors of churches to the art of famous painters. For an artist looking for some serious inspiration, Prague is one of the best places to go.

  2. Florence

    Florence is synonymous to the Renaissance. This is the place where some of the notable and iconic works of art were born. The architecture, art, and landscape are in itself a thing of beauty. The city of Florence is one of the best places in the world for an artist to draw some inspiration because the city is romantic, enchanting and magnificent. As you saunter through Florence you will be welcomed by extraordinary architecture and mind-boggling art. With world-class art museums, exceptional artworks; Florence, nestled by renaissance, is one irresistible city.

  3. Paris 

    Vibrant, exciting and artsy; Paris is a haven for artists. Paris has always been the center of attraction for the glamour and eccentricity it exudes. This city is home to some iconic architecture such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame cathedral. It is also the city of art, music and fashion.  Paris is such a place that strolling through its narrowest street one will be struck with inspiration, which no artist can resist but translate it into artwork. This city with a number of art galleries and museums is also one of the best places in the world to test and tease your artistic talents.

  1. New York City

    The city of New York offers mesmerizing views to an artist from its glorious architectures to famous restaurants and cafes to luminous skyscrapers to wonder-filled museums and art galleries. For an artist who visits New York City for inspiration will not be disappointed as the city as a lot to offer for art lovers and design enthusiasts. If you are an art lover, then the Museum of Modern Art, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Chelsea art galleries are must-visit places. If you wish to enjoy the serenity of the city away from the hustle and bustle, then taking a stroll through the Central Park, Madison Square Park or Bryant Park will open up a window to the art and culture of the city, providing you with the much-needed inspiration. 

  2. Istanbul

    Istanbul offers the perfect mix of historic brilliance and ravishing modernity. With a lot of attractions to offer Istanbul is one of the most exquisite destinations when it comes to art and design. The Ottomans contributed its fair share of architecture which transformed Istanbul into a real beauty. Splendidly decorated mosques, magnificent galleries and museums still exist today as a reminiscent of the Ottoman Empire. If you love art and design, then paying a visit to Hagia Sophia; once a church turned mosque turned museum and the SALT Galata is a must. Istanbul is one beautiful place that can inspire any artist.

  1. Budapest

    Budapest is an architectural magnificence. The city's landscape is a mix of neoclassical, baroque and 19th-century architectural marvels. The museums of the city offer a peek into the culture and history of Hungary. The contemporary art scene in Budapest is quite strong that one can see a number of contemporary art galleries in the city. Wandering through the streets of Budapest, one will be treated to scintillating views of street-art. If you are looking for inspiration, as an artist you might want to indulge in the artistic landscape of the city, its murals, and sculptures. 

  2. Kyoto

    A trip to Kyoto can help your mind relaxed and feel refreshed as one gets to explore the temples, shrines, and gardens. You can get in touch with your inner self as you meditate in the Zen gardens. Kyoto also cherishes its national museums where fine art exhibitions take place. It is also the city of artisans, where many traditional forms of art and craft are nurtured and kept alive even today. The picturesque landscapes will leave every artist speechless and might find themselves surrender to its charm.

  3. São Paulo

    Brazil's best museums are located in São Paulo and it is home to a number of theaters and cinemas. Being an art lover one can't afford to miss out on a trip to São Paulo Museum of Art which features some of the best Brazilian as well as international art. Even the construction and architecture of the museum will amaze you. São Paulo not only offers you a spellbinding view of contemporary street art but also mid-century architectural marvels. Being inspired is a given in this city.

If are craving for some real artistic inspiration then make to trip to the above mentioned cities and see for yourself how these places and touch your inner artist and evoke inspiration.

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