Learning to Become a Graphic Designer for Free! 

The knack to create, invent and innovate led Mark Zuckerberg to create Facebook, Einstein to unravel the arcana of physics and Stephen Hawking to challenge time itself. In essence, it is never the resources that an individual owns, but the positive state of mind that allows the fabrication of riches out of thin air. Taking nothing away from the alchemists, today we bring you this blog to ascertain that if you too have the same positive state of mind, the knack for ingenuity, and the will to succeed, you also can become a professional graphic designer, that too WITHOUT ANY FORMAL EDUCATION! 

What Does A Graphic Designer Do? 

If you are a novice looking for some direction, a better question would be what a graphic does not do? As technology has developed so rampantly over the decades, the job of a graphic designer has expanded beyond the mere conventionalities. Today, the gamut of a designer`s duties runs from producing content for print publications to digital applications, and everything in between. Although many designers do have their niches, generally a graphic designer is well-versed in the art of producing visual content for games, entertainment, advertisements, marketing, branding and a plethora of other domains. 

How Can You Become A Graphic Designer Without Any Formal Education? 

Intent – to put it as simply as possible. 

If your knack for designing has taken you this far in life, then we are certain that if you put up with the below-mentioned guidelines, your graphic designer dream will come to fruition in no time! Without further ado, let`s sow the seed that will lead you on the track to become a designer. 

Accustom Yourself with Graphic Designing Essentials 

The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms - Socrates 

Almost 2500 years ago, Socrates laid the cornerstone of learning an art – understanding its terms from the very roots. The same is the case with graphic designing. 

Prior to engaging in any undertaking, go thoroughly through the history, theory, as well as the practical application of graphic designing: What do graphic designers do? How do they do it? What differentiates a good graphic designer from a bad one? And so forth. Such insight will allow you to focus on the positives and forego the negatives when taking on graphic designing as a career.

In this regard, check out Creative Live, an international platform for students that broadcasts live informative classes. Search for Richard Mehl, a renowned graphic designer, or any other individual with whom you may seem to connect.

However, if you prefer a more conventional approach, below-mentioned are two good reads, to begin with:

Grid Systems in Graphic Design

Author: Josef Müller-Brockmann 

The Elements of Typographic Style

Author: Robert Bringhurst

Get Some Rock-solid Power Behind You 

The modern graphic designing requires powerful systems that are able to carry out complex undertakings within milliseconds. In brief, the initial set up that you would require for your graphic designing journey will cost you some bucks. 

Under a budget? Go through eBay for remarkable deals for second-hand hardware products. Purchasing certified refurbished products from genuine sellers is another option. Regardless of what you procure, assure that it has the potency to run demanding software and applications. 

Learn the Software 

Although this may sound a daunting task, believe us, it is not. Accustoming oneself with the very basics of Adobe`s Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator is a must, prior to engaging in any designing activity or demanding any remuneration from clients. 

A better approach in this regard is to go through the plethora of YouTube tutorials, learn the tools of the trade, and work voluntarily (free of cost) to brush up your graphic designing skills and ability, and only then, engage in professional/semi- professional activity. 

Imprint Your Online Presence: Get A Portfolio 

In today`s contemporary era, Going online is a must! If not paying for your specific domain (though it looks more professional), utilizing third-party platforms such as Behance, Dribbble or Carbonmade can aid you extensively in accomplishing your graphic designing dream. 

Complete Your Genius 

Genius Is One Percent Inspiration and Ninety Nine Percent Perspiration.

- Thomas Edison 

Graphic designing is all about creativity, ingenuity, and novelty. However, there do come times when even professionals are devoid of ideas. Hence, they search for inspiration. As a beginner, you need to do the same. 

Go through all the established portfolios, bookmark decent ones, garner ideas, create a stash, and achieve the one percent of inspiration that will lead you to consummate genius. 

Wrap It Up 

With the foundations set, the last step you need to take is to enter the professional realm. Initially, decide whether to become a freelancer or settle for a conventional job. In any case, apart from designing enthralling designs, be confident, establish your rapport, pay attention to the details, and always ask the client for the brief prior to starting up a project. 

Indeed, learning to become a graphic designer can be an arduous process. Though, the rewards are worth it! Having difficulty in any of the mentioned stages? Give us a call, we will love to aid you in every manner possible.

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