Horizontal/Vertical Thought To Overcome Creative Blocks

Creative Blocks AKA Barriers to Inspiration! Every artist goes through such cumbersome situations, where they feel like they are out of ideas and their creativity has come to an end.  Although these challenges mainly happen at the beginning of an artist’s career, experienced artists also experience such situations. To help you deal with this problem we are going to suggest some great techniques!

First, let’s have a look at what these barriers are…

  1. Stress – It is a state of mental pressure or tension resulting from adverse situations and conditions. Stress is very bad for our physical as well as mental health, which drains the energy that artists need for creative thinking and expressing the same.
  1. Monotonous Work/Activities – Considering creativity as a routine process or burden as opposed to passion or adventure is another challenge that comes in the way of artists. Adhering to rules and routines may force some people to have a bureaucratic mind, and with this mental state, people fail to see beyond their regulations especially in emergency situations.
  1. Fear of Failure – There are two types of fear; psychological fear and physical fear. Psychological fear limits a person from engaging in activities of self-expression and physical fear keeps a person away from risk-taking behaviors. Both these fears severely affect one's creativity and artistic imaginations.

So, next, we are going to discuss how to break past these challenging situations. One way to overcome this situation is to brainstorm ideas. Once there are plenty of ideas through a brainstorming session, select one of these ideas that you are more interested in. This could be movies, events from your life, music, long rides, or anything that you feel comfortable. At this stage, you may take some time to think about these ideas. This is the time where you can apply horizontal thinking.

Horizontal thinking is a problem-solving technique using a passive, indirect or creative approach, which is not immediately evident. For this type of thinking, we need to investigate things wider rather than deeper. According to Howard Gardner, an American developmental psychologist, horizontal thinkers are visionaries. It is the best time for an artist to be creative without any criticism or judgment.

After the selection of a specific idea, it is time to apply vertical thinking.

Vertical thinking is a method of approaching problems using a conventional step-by-step method. In this type of thinking, problems need to be elucidated through selective, sequential and analytical means. Vertical thinkers are called experts by Howard Gardner, specifically because of the systematic and technical approach employed by vertical thinkers towards problem-solving.

This is the stage where artists start to refine their idea and starts solving creative problems. After this stage, you come out with a clear idea of what you want to do next and could also lead to the birth of legendary designs and creations.

We assist you go through this most problematic horizontal and vertical thinking process by providing you one of the best products from Parblo's innovations.

Parblo A640

A640 is a simple and portable graphics tablet with 6''x4'' active area. This graphics tablet from Parblo can speed up your works and make every second of your precious time count as A640 is equipped with 4 customizable express keys. These keys can be assigned custom actions to make your work easy.

Main feature of this product is that it is the thinnest drawing tablet with a thickness of only 5.2mm. It is equipped with 4 customizable express keys, which can dramatically speed-up your workflow. The product has a compact design and comes with a smart passive pen of 8192 pressure sensitivity, which is also smart. Advanced USB type-c connection makes it fast and easy to connect. The A640 also boasts a 5080 LPI resolution, and 260 RPS.

Technical specifications of A640

  • Product Technology - Wireless Passive Electromagnetic Technology.
  • Work Area - 6 x 4 inches.
  • Product Size - 180x137x4mm (7.08x5.4x0.16 inches).
  • Resolution - 5080 LPI.
  • Reading Speed - 260 RPS.
  • Pressure Sensitivity - 8192 levels.
  • Shortcut Keys – 4.
  • Reading Height -10mm.
  • Working Deviation ±0.01mm.
  • Power Supply Mode - USB 5V.
  • Support Interface - Type-C.
  • Pen Type - Wireless and battery-free pen.
  • Pen Buttons – 2.
  • Supporting Operating Systems - Windows 7 and above.

We also understand budding artists are price conscious too. The A640 is not only a reliable and advanced product, but pocket-friendly as well.

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