7 Fun Facts about Digital Drawing You Would Like to Know

You may wonder what digital art is. Is it an advanced form of drawing or is it all about graphics animation?  But digital art is much more than the advanced type of design and game design. Digital artists are involved in almost all industries, and in terms of creativity, careers in these industries can be as enriching. Digital drawing is when you make use of different graphics software to create a drawing. Digital drawing software offers different features such as brush sets, layers, color palettes, pressure-sensitive strokes, guides, and rulers. Digital drawing is a general term to describe a variety of works of art and practices that use digital technology as an essential element of the creative or presentation process. Put, this means that digital artists have been doing what artists have been doing for ages, and instead of using limestone and cave walls to create them, they use digital tools. 

Importance of Digital Drawing

Today, digital art is displayed almost everywhere. Billboards, bus ads, and magazines are full of digital art. Digital media or art is created using digital processes such as video to create independent movies and prints captured digitally by photographers, music, paintings and other visual illustrations. It is in demand in cultural and educational institutions such as libraries, museums, archives, the publishing industry, and other places of art and entertainment.

Growing industries are in high demand for digital art skills. There is a great need for digital artists in computer designs, games, animation, web design, and publications and other media and images, and this demand is expecting to grow every year.

Here are some fun facts about digital drawing:
Early digital artists

Vera Molnar, from Budapest, Hungary, in the year 1968, invented the Machine Imaginaire. She changed various geometric shapes, like the triangle, by deforming and rotating, erasing the pieces, or merging them with the geometric shapes.

The world's first digital works of art have been made into a transformed anti-aircraft system

The analog computer created by Whitney could have been a masterpiece in itself. Whitney with James, his brother, made the drawing machine during the Second World War the anti-aircraft system.

The first digital drawing software was executed on the first Mac computers

The first MacPaint version was introduced in the early 1980s as a program in Apple's first Macintosh. This program allowed users to draw and manipulate objects, as well as product graphics that other applications could use.

First digital art exhibition took place in 1968

In the year 1968, the Institute of Contemporary Art welcomed visitors to the Cyber ​​Serendipity. Digital graphics were shown alongside drawing machines for the robot K-456 by Jean Tinguely and Nam June Paik.

Largest online digital art platform was designed originally for Media Player Skins

DeviantArt started in August 2000 as a website to share color masks for Winamp and other media players. In addition, co-founder Angelo Sutera was only nineteen when the site took off. DeviantArt is now a hub for emerging digital painters, which has 65,000 new daily, downloads despite the increase on other platforms like Instagram, Behance, and Tumblr.

You can work as Medical Animator


It might come as a surprise; however digital artists, in fact, play a massive role in the medical industry. If you are a medical animator, you could visually interpret knowledge as well as help medical students know the inner functioning of the human body.

Walker Art Center in Minneapolis

Walker Art Center is one of the early players in the area of digital art, and this surely has to do with Steve Dietz who curated a new medium at the organization between 1996 and 2003.

Digital art is also of great importance for interactive media, such as mobile phones, PDAs, and digital assistants. It covers a wide range of technical and technological industries with no expected decline in popular demand. It is incredible what you can discover if you look closely at the history of art, whether it focuses on traditional or digital drawings. Don't hesitate to share these fun facts with your friends, especially if you find yourself in one way or another to discuss art or visit an exhibition in the near future. You may know some wonderful curiosities.

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