Art and healing- A visit to the museum can affect mental health

When it comes to healing and mental health, people don't usually think about the museum as an important place. But little do people know that a museum can contribute a lot to mental health. The reality is a museum is a place where you can heal yourself and regain your mental health. In your day to day activities, there are many instances where you need to give your complete attention and focus, and this is quite tiring for the mind and eventually, it results in a state called directed attention fatigue. Reaching such a state means you are mentally exhausted, stressed out, frustrated and this is likely to affect your performance in even daily activities. Studies have shown that in order to restore the mental ability, a much-needed shift in the environment is required and the best place for that is nature. Researchers have also found that visiting a museum have more or less the same effect as immersing yourself in nature.

Museum - a place for healing

Everything display in a museum, be it art or artifact, has the ability to arouse fascination in you, same as what nature does to you. A museum is filled with so many interesting things and you can find yourself drawn to many things while you are in one. It is also a place which is different from your usual surrounding, which can help in taking your mind off from what's stressing you out. Visiting a museum can improve your mood and induce feelings of happiness. The artworks that are displayed in a museum might be a portrayal of a particular culture and appreciating culture and arts have a positive impact on your mind by reducing your stress and anxiety. For a person suffering from social isolation, can develop positive social experience from visiting a museum. The atmosphere of a museum is undoubtedly a quiet one which promotes a calming effect leading to decreased anxiety.

Exposure to various activities

Visiting a museum is not always about looking at the art. There is more to a museum than what meets the eye. Nowadays, museums provide activities for visitors to engage in, which are aimed at improving the well-being and mental health of the audience. Activities like talk sessions, knitting groups, craft making, yoga classes, professional development classes are some of the activities that a visitor can engage in while visiting a museum. These activities benefit the mental health and well-being of a person in various ways. They provide an opportunity to learn and acquire new skills. You get to learn a lot of things from a museum.  Not just history, a time period or an item, but also above-mentioned activities. Learning new things will open up your mind and perspectives which in turn affect your overall state of mind.

The healing touch of art

Therapists have been using art as a form of therapy to heal people for a long time. This therapy is done under the supervision of an expert therapist, with the aim of improving the overall well-being of a person. Art therapy involves the use of different types of art (visual), to improve the physical, emotional or mental state of a person. Art therapy provides an opportunity for people to express certain feelings, which are otherwise suppressed by them for various reasons. The benefits of art therapy are numerous and that is why it is used on both young people and adults.

Art therapy can not only help in dealing with stress, anxiety, depression and other psychological problems, it can also with learning disabilities. Many pieces of research stand as evidence that art is effective in improving memory by stimulating memory in people who suffer from dementia and other such neurological diseases. In art therapy, therapists often provide patients with materials such as paints or crayons to visually express themselves their inner feelings, thoughts, and emotions which they are reluctant to speak about.

Beyond any doubt, it is proven that art can help heal people and improve their mental health. If you are someone who is tired of the monotonous life and struggles with stress, anxiety, and depression, then paying a visit to the museum can really benefit your mental health. Surrounding yourself with art is the best way to deal with these problems as it balances the hormones that lead to the aforementioned problems. And the best place to revive your overall state of well-being without any medication is visiting a museum that has got no side effects whatsoever. So pay a visit to your nearest museum and get yourself back together.

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