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7 Successful Graphic Designers You Need To Know

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7 Successful Graphic Designers You Need To Know

A career in graphic design is challenging and rewarding at the same time. The industry is ever-evolving and the right kind of talents are always in demand. If you are passionate about graphic design, then you are probably familiar with some of the renowned names in the industry. This article is all about 7 successful graphic designers who are changing the face of graphic design one step at a time.

1. Kate Moross

Kate Moross is not just an award-winning graphic designer, but she is also at the top of her game being an illustrator. A highly artistic person, Kate she has set up a studio named Studio Moross in London which is involved in the creation of music videos, magazines covers, textiles and many more. The idea behind setting up this studio was to work with other creative people as she expands her own area of work. As a contemporary graphic designer, she works with illustrations, moving imagery, and typography. Kate Moross has become a recognizable figure in the design world at a very young age. At present, she served the position of art director at Studio Moross. Mini Cooper, ESPN, Fabergé, Paul Smith, Addidas, and Nike are some of her happy clients.

2. Aaron Draplin

Born and raised in Detriot, Aaron Draplin studied all about graphic designing by himself. It was at the age of 19, he discovered his talent for graphic designing at a snowboarding arena. He then took it upon himself the task of educating him on designing through a lot of books. Two years into learning about graphic designing he chanced upon an opportunity to create snowboard graphics with Solid snowboards. That was the beginning of his career. Draplin then went on to set up Draplin Design Co. that handled everything it could including advertising campaigns and lettering signs for cafes. The Union Binding Company, Field Notes memo books, Forum Snowboards, Snowboard Magazine, and Absinthe Films are some of his notable clients. He had won an award for "Art Director of the Year" for Primedia 2000.

3. Andrew Fairclough

Based in Los Angeles, Andrew Fairclough is a self-taught illustrator and designer. He is also an art director at Kindred Studio. His style of designing incorporates mid-century spot illustrations with good old science fiction and comic art. His designs mostly feature limited colour palette as he believes that it can evoke nostalgia. Andrew had worked with many major brands such as Jack Daniels, GQ, Playboy, Nike, Amex, Penguin Books, ESPN Magazine, Little White Lies and American Express, but before reaching this far, he had initially started with creating snowboard graphics. In 2015 Andrew Fairclough founded True Grit Texture Supply which sells digital brushes and textures.

 4. Mike Perry

An Emmy winning artist, Mike Perry is an incredible artist and graphic designer. His core areas of work include animations, paintings, sculptures, art installations, exhibitions, books and many more. His designs can light up any surface on which they are created. He believes that the purpose of his designs is to provide a soul-soaring feeling which is synonymous to the feeling of gazing at distant galaxies. Mike Perry amuses the viewer with the careful execution of shapes, colors, lines, form, and idea. His had exhibited his artworks in many parts of the world including China, Germany, Singapore, Australia, and Holland and also did solo shows in London. Mike Perry is the curator of the series “#GetNudeGetDrawn” which is still in progress.

5. Chad Michael

Chad Michael, the owner of Chad Michael Studio is a New York-based designer who focuses his expertise in branding and package design. Before starting his studio, he had worked at leading designing agencies such as Pearlfisher, Stranger & Stranger and Landor. To keep up the quality of designing, which is often time-intensive, he selects his own clients. His designs have appeared in more than 20 print publications, some of them include HOW, Logos and CA Magazine. Chad Michael had also worked for Jack Daniels and Entertainment Weekly. He had received various accolades in recognition of his brilliant works.

6. Violaine & Jeremy

From pencil sketches to intricate illustration, this creative couple will leave us stunned with their skills. They together run a graphics studio in Paris and have art directed multiple projects. Violaine & Jeremy also lend their expertise on magazine editorials and corporate branding. The duo work on areas such as web design, illustration, art direction, editorial design, and graphic identity. Most of their designs are reminiscent of the rich French history and culture What makes this duo's work so special is that there is something unique about every project they handle. Often features in felt pens, chalks and colour pencils, their illustrations are nothing but impressive.


If you want to be a successful graphic designer then you have to be persistent and hard-working. All the names mentioned above did not rise to fame overnight. There is a chapter of the struggle behind every successful person. Get inspired by their story and designs and define your own success. 

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    Très inspirant. Tout cela n’est que fruit d’un travail durement abattu. On y arrivera avec une forte volonté.

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    Really nice to know about these inspiring designers.

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    Execution is also an important factor.
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    Aaron Draplin got where he is by teaching himself!
    Whst other motivation does one need?

    — Arthur Owens

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