5 Tips For Getting Drawing Ideas Fast

Artists need ideas.

Whether it is a drawing for practicing, for entering into an art competition, or simply to draw for fun, artists need ideas to get started. However, good ideas are far and few. A good drawing idea is the first step to good art.

Below, we give you 5 ways to get good and rich drawing ideas fast to draw your heart out and bring your emotions to the canvass.

  1. Watch Drawing Tutorials and Implement the Lessons Learnt

Drawing tutorials teach you something new. A new trick, a new technique, a new style of drawing. Try it out in your own way. Create your own rendition of the art by using what you’ve learned. Not only will it act as an opportunity to practice what’ve you’ve learned, but you’ll also come up with a new art when you’ve finished drawing.

  1. Look for Inspiration in Natureparblo 5 Tips to Get Drawing Ideas Fast

    Throughout the ages, mother nature has been an inspiration for all art forms: be it dancing, literary writing, or drawing. Why not tread the good old way and find your next muse in nature? It could be a bird, an insect, a tree, a leaf, or even a feeling. You could draw an entire scenery or just a small bird with intricate details on its wings. Every time you connect with nature, you’ll bring back something new to add to your drawing collections.
  2. Go Through your Old Drawings

    There is something new to be discovered in everything old. Every time you revisit your old drawings, you’ll go through a flashback of events connected to it: your inspiration, the appreciations, the friends you showed it to, the places you put it upon. Each of these emotions will then conjure up the urge to recreate the old in a new way, an idea you can certainly use for your next drawing.
  3. Scour Through Your Social Media Pins

    Every post or comment we like, share, or bookmark on the social media subconsciously projects our interests towards them. It could be a photograph or a quote or even your favorite scene from a movie. Anything on your social media wall is a rendition of your own thoughts investing in the idea once. Why not look for drawing inspiration in something you once liked enough to give it a thumbs up?
  4. Brainstorm with Fellow ArtistsParblo 5 Tips to Get Drawing Ideas Fast

    As an artist, connecting with the artist community goes a long way. Artists like you are constantly discussing the latest fads and art products on various art platforms. Join them. Borrow their ideas to create something new. Offer your own ideas for them to use.

We’re sure you’ve come up with one or two ideas in your head even as you were reading this article. If yes, we’d like to see what you’ve drawn as soon as you finish it! Engage with us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and show us what you’ve drawn.

Do you have any personal tips your use to come up with new ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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