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It's that time of the year again's. Time to go back to school, for a new beginning, new fun and new knowledge. Students might be all set to go back to school with all their favorite school supplies and one must thing every student must possess at the onset of this new academic year is a digital drawing tablet. If you are an artist or a beginner in arts, then a drawing tablet is a must in your bag. Inspiration can strike an artist anytime anywhere and he must be prepared to channel this inspiration into visual art at that instant. This is where a digital tablet comes into play. If you carry a digital or graphic drawing tablet with you, whenever you feel the urge to draw or create stunning visual images, you can be assured that you have the gadget to make the best out of your idea or inspiration.

​​​​Which is the best drawing tablet for you?

If you are an artist, finding the best digital drawing tablet from a seemingly endless number of options can be quite difficult. Choosing the best digital drawing tablet for yourself can aid in creating amazing art. Read on to know about the best digital drawing tablet for you available in the market.

​​Parblo A610s

The leading producers of the best digital drawing tablet you require. Parblo has an amazing range of graphic tablets with features that will make it the best partner for your creations. The A610s graphic tablet comes with 8129 levels of pressure sensitivity. The 10”x6” active area provides adequate area for the user to unleash his creativity. Its sleek and trendy design ensures the portability of the drawing tablet without any trouble and it easily fits into the bag of the student. Every scribble made gets transmitted fast and the user doesn’t experience any delay throughout the creative process. To improve the convenience of the user, the tablet has 8 customizable hot keys and 2 on the pen, which aids in efficiency. It is designed in such a way that both left-handed and right handed persons can comfortably use the drawing tablet. It is also compatible with windows and mac operating systems and also with different software. They are a great product to beginners and advanced artists. For beginners, Parblo A610s is the best choice as it provides the user much creative flexibility. And the best part, Parblo has an amazing deal for back to school students. 

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​​Parblo Coast16

This 15.6” digital drawing monitor comes with 1920*1080 Full HD with 72% NTSC color gamut, which helps the artist deliver best results that with accuracy, clarity and perfect color saturation. The high viewing angle not only supports comfortable drawing but also provides a wide area for drawing as well. The eight express keys and one dial ring improve the efficiency of drawing as it can be programmed to do the commonly used computer tasks, saving time and increasing the efficiency of the user. Its ergonomic design lets the user to work comfortably and is designed to suit the requirements of both left-handed and right handed artists. Coast16 is compatible with both Windows and Mac OSX operating system and also with almost all mainstream drawing software.

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​​Parblo Mast10

The best companion for student artists, Mast10 is a 10.1” graphic monitor. The slim and sleek nature of the monitor helps in portability and students can easily fit them into their backpacks. It weighs only 1.4lbs /0.675 Kg and has a pressure sensitivity of 2048 levels. The six express keys on the monitor can be customized to meet the requirements of the user and it also improves efficiency. Both left-handed and right-handed users can comfortably work on them and the brightness, color temperature and contrast of the monitor can be adjusted as per the requirements of the user. Just like other Parblo products, Mast10 is compatible with both Windows and Mac OSX operating system and supports almost all mainstream drawing software.

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Choose the right drawing tablet that will allow you to explore your potential, express yourself without limits and provides a great user experience. Make the right choice and happy drawing!


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