Doodling Masterpieces
The hunt for the next Parblo Doodler has finally come to an end. From searching among many talented doodlers who had submitted their work, Parblo has found its winner. Here is the doodle that bagged the contest prize; Parblo A610 Graphic Drawing Tablet.
Parblo announced the Doodle competition on 10th February 2018, to find the best doodle artist out there. The deadline for the call for entries was on 10th March 2018 and during this time period, many aspiring and talented artists submitted their work, which showcased the right mix of imagination and talent. From the 28 artists who had submitted their doodle, Parblo selected the winner and it was announced on 20th March 2018.

The competition witnessed many talented and skilled artists who have a flair for imagination and drawing. The skill and talent of every artist who participated in the doodle contest were highly commendable and it indeed resulted in a tough competition. The work of the doodle artists have clearly portrayed their love for drawing and have used the medium of doodle to express their ideas or stories to the world.

Parblo conducts such doodle art competition to find young talents, to encourage them, showcase their skill as an artist to the world and also recognize their talent by rewarding them. Parblo also intends to inspire people to explore their ability to doodle and create outstanding art that is a testimony of their true talent, their passion for drawing and the capacity to tell the story through their artwork:

Thank you everyone!

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