Large working area of 21.5” IPS HD (1920*1080) LCD,
enough area to spark your art inspiration.

Passive pen of 2048 pressure levels

Passive Pen of 2048
Pressure Levels

Not requiring charging or batteries, it improves its ergonomics and reliability and prevents possible malfunctions such as potential hardware leakage and the risk of limited life span

Pressure Sensitivity Eraser

Pressure sensitivity eraser gives you more natural
and convenient feeling during the drawing.

Pressure sensitivity eraser

High Viewing Angle

High viewing angle, horizontal 170°and vertical 170° viewing angle
allow you to see the screen in a very comfortable way.

High Viewing Angle
Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design 10°~85° adjustable stand, you can choose a cozy angle to start your work. Even long-time work still doesn’t feel tired.

Parblo Coast22

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