15.6" Digital Drawing Monitor

Passive Pen with 8192 Levels

It feels your pressure precisely and provides you with
a highly responsive and natural feeling.

1920*1080 Full HD with 72% NTSC

1920*1080 full HD with 72% NTSC screen can present the details of your art work
with accuracy, deliver incredible visual clarity and color saturation.

1920*1080 Full HD with 72% NTSC.

15.6" IPS LCD
with High Viewing Angle

It provides you with a vast working area, allows you to see
the screen in a very comfortable way.

15.6” IPS LCD with high viewing angle.

One Dial Ring and Eight
Customized Express Keys

It can be programmed to commonly used computer tasks,
which can improve your working efficiency.

One dial ring and 
				eight customized express keys

Ergonomic and Innovative Design

With 30° fixed stand, you can choose a cozy way
to start your work. It meets the needs of both
right-handed or left-handed users.

USB type-c Interface

It lets the data transmission
to be more efficient and faster;
thus your pen performance
feels timely and quick.

Monitor Setting Button

You never have to worry about the
color difference problem on
the screen between your
monitor and computer.

Ergonomic and Innovative Design


It suits for both Windows and Mac OSX operation system
and is compatible with most part of usual and mainstream drawing
software that support pen pressure.

Parblo Coast16

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