Parblo A609

± 60-Degree pen tilt angle induction

Parblo A609

± 60-Degree pen Tilt
Angle Induction

The pen can be inclined to 60° and the professional tilt
function can embody function of handwriting lateral pressure and rotation,
bringing you with better and more accurate drawing experience!

± 60-Degree pen tilt angle induction

5080LPI and 220RPS

Built-in high-performance system chip, allow the painting
process fast and sensitive to reach the function that drawing only
depends on your inclinations.

2048 Levels of
Pressure Sensitivity

The pen has professional 2048 level pressure induction
and thus feels your pressure precisely. Thick or thin,
dark or light, sparse or dense, it all depends on your hand.
It is easy to exhibit the thick or thin line transitions

2048 levels of pressure sensitivity

Cordless and
Digital Pen

It utilizes battery-free pressure
sensor and Micro pressure precision
patent technology to make the pen
perfectly connect with the tablet,
replacing the mouse completely.

Ergonomic Arc Design

Humane innovative design ,taking into account the different needs
of customers right-handed or left-handed.

All-in-one Design, Slim and Portable

Though it furnishes 12.6x8.3x0.4 inches, it provides 8.3x 5.3 inches active area.
Weighing only 2.2 Ibs, A609 is the perfect lightweight companion,
wherever you choose to go.

All-in-one design, slim and portable

Parblo A609

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