FAQ for Coast16

Parblo Coast 16 FAQ



  1. How to install the driver of Coast16?
    • Connect Coast16 to your computer via USB cable, then the power indicator light will turn on.
    • Use the HDMI cable to connect Coast16 to your computer, then Coast16 will show the screen of your computer.
    • Please uninstall and completely remove any other driver of graphic tablet/monitor and close any antivirus software in your computer temporarily. Otherwiseyou may fail to install the driver.
    • Download the driver from our web (support page) or find it in the driver disk; select the right version corresponding to your computer system and install it according to the user manual, then reboot your computer after finishing the installation.


  1. What if the indicator light of Coast16 isn’t on after connecting to a computer?
    • Make sure the power switch of Coast16 is on.
    • Check the USB connection. Make sure the USB interface is not loose and also try another USB port of your computer
    • Try another USB to type-C cable (a normal Android type-C charger cable is workable).


  1. What if “No signal” appears on the monitor after connecting Coast16 to a computer?
    • Check the HDMI connection, and try to pull out and re-plug it.
    • If using an external HDMI adaptor, please confirm it is workable.


  1. What if “Not find tablet” popup when installing the driver?
    • Check the USB connection (see 2.2).
    • Pull out the type-C cable, turn over the interface and re-plug it to Coast16.


  1. What should I do if the pen doesn’t work?
    • Check if there is any other tablet driver installed in your computer; if you find any, uninstall it and also Parblo driver and reinstall the driver.
    • Find and open “tablet setting” in the start menu; if you can’t open it or it says Not find tablet”, please uninstall and reinstall the driver.


  1. What should I do if there is cursor offset?
    • For Windows: open “tablet setting”, go to “mapping”, find “calibrate” and do calibration.
    • For Mac: open “quick setup”, go to “region setting”, find “calibration and do calibration”.
    • If calibration doesn’t solve the problem, go to check “display setting” of your computer and make sure:
    1. the size of text, apps and other items is 100%.
    2. the resolution is set to the recommended.


  1. What if there is no pen pressure in the drawing software?
    • Check if there is any other tablet driver installed in your computer; if you find any, uninstall it and also Parblo driver and reinstall the driver.
    • Open the driver and test the pressure in the test area; if it works, the issue is caused by the setting of the drawing software; if it doesn’t work in the test area, it proves to be the driver installation problem; please reinstall the driver.
    • Make sure the drawing software is supported by a drawing tablet; you can go to the pressure setting of drawing software to make it right.


  1. Where to find the “tablet setting” of Coast16?
    • For windows: go to Start Menu; you can find it in the programs sorted by T or directly by search “tablet setting”.
    • For Mac: Click the black tablet icon on the top right corner of your computer screen and you can enter into it.
  1. How to replace the pen tips?
    • Use the removal tool to pull the old tip straight out the pen.
    • Insert a new pen tip into the stylus and push the tip until it stops.

Tips: Tip replacement tool and spare tips are included, when the pen tip gets too shortor sharp edge, you can replace it with the spare tips.

  1. How to remove driver?
    • For Win:
    • Explore “Start” – “All Programs” – “Tablet Setting” – “Uninstall”
    • Explore “Control Panel” – “Uninstall a Program” – “Tablet Setting” – “Uninstall/Change”
    • For Mac:
    • Open “Finder” – “Application” – “Tablet Setting” – “Uninstall”
    • Open “Finder” – “Application” – “Tablet Setting” – delete the file directly

Note: If the first method does not uninstall the driver completely, please uninstall it by

the next instructions until uninstallation is completed.


  1. If this FAQ cannot meet your needs, please feel free to email us via: cs@parblo.com with the following information:
    • Your order number.
    • The name and version of your computer operation system.
    • The name and version of your frequently-used paint software.
    • Step by step reproduce the issue with clear screenshot or a short video.

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