Ninos N4/N7B/N10B Drawing Tablet

Size: N4
Color: Blue
Sale price$25.99 USD


Parblo Ninos N series tablets are designed for the beginners of the young people's painting. It adopts the wireless Battery-Free Electromagnetic Resonance Pen Technology, supports the ± 60 ° pen tilt function (Note: Ninos N4 Doesn't support tilt function). It supports not only Windows/ macOS but also supports Android and Chrome OS.

Ninos N series tablets have 2 sizes and 3 models: Each size provides two colors for you to choose: Black and Blue.
Ninos N4: 4 x 3 inches (Without customizable express keys on both the tablet and P09 pen)
Ninos N7B: 7 x 4.37 inches (with 4 customizable express keys on the tablet and 2 express keys on the P08 pen)
Ninos N10B: 10x6.25inch (with 6 customizable express keys on the tablet and 2 express keys on the P08 pen)


1. Support Windows/ macOS/ Android/ Chrome
2. 8192 Levels Battery-Free Pen
3. Pen Tilt: Support ± 60 ° tilt range (N4 without)
4. USB-C interface, Also Support double headed type-C connection
5. Report Rate: 266PPS
6. Super thinner and small size:
    N4: 6.8mm thick, 4 x 3 inchs
    N7B: 7.5mm thick, 7 x 4.37 inches
    N10B: 8.5mm thick, 10 x 6.25 inch
7. N4 without express key more convenient for beginner to learn drawing
    N7B with 4pcs express keys; N10B with 6pcs express keys
8. Compatible with most of the drawing software such as Photoshop, SAI, Painter, Illustrator, Clip Studio, Krita, etc. and support palying OSU game.


Model: Ninos N4/N7B/N10B
Pen Technology: Battery-Free Electromagnetic Resonance
Workspace: 4*3 inches/101.6*76.2mm (N4)
                    7x4.37inch/177.5*111mm (N7B)
Sensing Height: 10mm
Resolution: 5080LPI
Report Rate: 266RPS
Pen Tilt: Support ± 60 ° tilt range (N4 Without)
Pressure Sensitivity: 8192 Levels
Accuracy: ±0.25 mm
Interface: USB-C
Power Supply: USB 5V
Express Keys: 0 keys (N7B has 4 keys, N10B has 6 keys)
OS Compatibility: Windows 8 or later
MacOS 10.12 or later
Android 6.0 or later
Chrome OS 88 or later
Exchange Mode:
1. When connected with Android phone, adjust the “mode button” to show “Green Color”.
2. When connected with Chromebook, adjust the “mode button” to show the “black color”.
Pen Model: P09(N4) / P08(N7B)
Pen buttons: 0 buttons
Certificates: CE, FCC, RoHS, KC
Dimensions: 172x117x6.8mm (N4)
                    248x150x7.5mm (N7B)
                    340x217x8.5mm (N10B)
Package Size: 181x126x35mm (N4)
                        257x159x35mm (N7B)
                        348x225x35mm (N10B)
Weight: 135g(N4)
              570g (N10B)
Operating temperature / humidity: 0-65 Celsius degree/20-80%
Storage temperature / humidity: -10-80 Celsius degree/ 10-90%
Color: Black/ Blue

Packing lis

1x Ninos N4/N7B/N10B Pen Tablet
1x P09(N4) / P08(N7B/N10B) Battery-Free Pen
1x USB-C Cable
6x Pen Nib
1x Pen Nib Clip
1x OTG to Micro Adapter
1x OTG to Type-c Adapter
1x ManualText

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