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We are introducing our latest drawing tablet - NINOS M/S, LEARN MORE >> We are introducing our latest drawing tablet - NINOS M/S, LEARN MORE >>

Parblo Marching with Pride for the Extra Mile….

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Parblo Marching with Pride for the Extra Mile….

Hey guys, Parblo is going to take a quantum leap adding more fun and entertainment in the RUSSIAN COMIC CON -2019 from October 3rd to 6th.

As you all know every year the event is witnessed by a confluence of nutty and wacky folks and this year PARBLO will be the prime fascination of the celebration.

You wanna be a Champion?
You wanna be a long-reigning whimsical web artist?

Then fire your instinct and break all the barriers because PARBLO is looking forward to welcome its playgoers at RUSSIAN COMIC-CON – 2019. The crazy fans can show their love for pop-culture with open arms for their favourite celebrities from the world of animation, movies, comics, video games etc...

Visit the hottest hub of entertainment of RUSSIAN COMIC CON at PARBLO BOOTH, HALL NO. 3, BOOTH H11. A booth which is designed for the most prolific digital techies.

What makes PARBLO BOOTH so smashing?

  • To encourage the budding artists the PARBLO BOOTH is hosting a drawing contest. DON’T MISS IT! As the main attraction of the contest is the prize for the winner. The lucky winner will proudly walk off with a COAST16 –The Most Admirable Gift.
  • You can enjoy the first hand familiarity with the PARBLO PRODUCTS which will intensify your itch for the brand product.
  • What else an artist can wish if he gets a fair shake to try out his pictorial skills? Yes! The cosplayers can scoop out and get high on by doing some real time caricature.
  • Also have some real time fun by drawing your treasured real time famous blizzard characters.

So don’t miss this exclusive chance to get abreast with the PARBLO PRODUCTS.

RUSSION COMIC CON is at the doorsteps. Have the real time experience, fun and adventure at PARBLO BOOTH, HALL NO.3, BOOTH H11.

Be a part of this swanky and modish event and take away the best from THE PARBLO BOOTH.

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  • Oct 09, 2019

    Well, the new MacOS is here, and no driver for the Masts. Any chance of getting a working 64-bit driver?

    — Randy Marsh

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