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Color of The Year--2020

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Color of The Year--2020
Every year color is announced as the color of the year, it is not essential to change all the paint colors, but it is an indication of the paint color and future decorating trends. Many large paint and color companies choose the color of 2020 at some point in 2019. Some companies have more influence than others, but any color choice for the year is a sign of what will happen next year.

Significance of 2020 color of the year

By the year 2020, the digital drawing colors and trends of the plate have, so far, been transformed from blue to large. Blue colors represent three of the six drawing colors announced by companies looking to progress by 2020. Non-blue colors are smoother and duller, not pastel, but with the same comfortable look. However, in general, all of the colors announced so far revolve around creating a quieter and more relaxing environment, which indicates that creating a comfortable, revitalized and rejuvenated place and design can be a significant problem for the coming year.

If you plan to draw in the year 2020, the color of the year guide can help you in choosing your drawing colors, or even choose a color scheme for your space. The digital drawing experts and color experts announced their color choices for 2020 in 2019. Now, we have a final vision of the color trend that 2020 will take on. 

Here is a list of 2020 color of the year. Let’s have a look at these colors

Pantone color: classic blue


Pantone Color Institute is the business unit within the Pantone that features the top seasonal runway colors, picks the Pantone Color of the Year, predicts the global color trends as well as advises different companies on color for brand and product visual uniqueness. Through the color psychology, color consulting and seasonal trend forecasts, the Pantone Color Institute partners with international brands to successfully leverage the psychology, emotion, and power of color in their design plan.

The choice of Pantone from COTY is a timeless blue tone that feels cozy and comfortable. Lighter than the Sherwin-Williams Navy but still deep and reassuring, there is no room for this color. 

Benjamin Moore: the first light


One of the most anticipated colors of the year, Benjamin Moore, has unveiled his choice: First Light, a soft pink shade that reflects optimism. After the big presentation, Andrea Mago, director of marketing and color development at Benjamin Moore, explained how versatile color could be neutral. This color is very optimistic and encourages considering different colors as the background of our spaces neutrally and attractively for all generations. If you are looking for a new and trendy alternative to white, gray, or beige, these blush shades may be the original choice for you.

Behr: back to nature


The soft natural colors, which have interior and exterior walls, incorporate a feeling of relaxation, which makes them ideal for a refresh in early 2020. 

PPG: Chinese porcelain


Inspired by the vibrant blue of the ceramics of Chinese, Chinese porcelain is based on its purple tones and offers a dark blue color that tends towards light blue more than a dark blue color.

HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams: romance


This soft, white tone brings the perfect balance between bright orange notes and relaxing pink notes. Romance can be neutral in a monochromatic space or as a background of bursts of colored accents.

Sherwin-Williams: naval


The navy is new neutral. This deep dark blue color can be subtle or rotate in any space, depending on the furniture and decoration that is paired with it.

Make sure to consider this guide to choose the 2020 color of the year.

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